Friday, June 14, 2013

And Another Methotrexate Friday

All behind time today
Well after missing out on the Daily Journal yesterday , it is back again today. Sorry about yesterday but as the weather was really rubbish I decided that we would go direct to Morrisons to get the shopping rather than go around town so we started off later than we normally would and that set the tone for the day so everything was behind time so before I knew it, it was 4.00 pm and no time to write the Journal.

However once everything was over and I had managed to catch up on my self I decided that after watching some TV and relaxing I would get the first cartoon strip of "Cleaner Gordie" up and running so at least I got something posted yesterday.

Texting Pauline

So that was yesterday done and dusted , got to bed about 10.30 but had a bit of a restless night, but eventually got to sleep and woke again about 6.30 where I just lay dozing and listening to the local radio until 8.30 when I got up and made a coffee and then into the lounge to text Pauline and let her know I was up and mobile.
Once I have text Pauline I get myself some Porridge for breakfast and then settle down to listen to the local radio Solent, A lot of the program is being broadcast from the Isle of Wight today as it is the start of the "Isle of Wight" Music Festival today.The headliners tonight are "The Stone Roses" Saturday it is "Killers" and Sunday it is "Bon Jovi"  Plus loads of other groups including "Blondie" "Boomtown Rats", "Steve harley", "Paul Weller", etc, etc, etc, I cannot believe the cost , a weekend ticket is £185.00 Back in the early 1970,s festivals were Free.
IOW Festival 2012
I Think Misty wants her
Breakfast First
Pauline phones at about 10.00 to say that she is OK, and she is about to take misty out for her morning walk. The weather is very cold today and very overcast but it is not raining so she will be wearing a warm coat today, although it is a cold day it looks like it will warm up once the sun comes out which is what the weather people forecast for today.
Once I have spoken to Pauline I go and get a wash and get dressed and then take a walk round to the local Tesco Express to get my daily paper, It is not as cold as it was an hour ago and the sun is starting to break through the clouds and there are patches of blue sky starting to appear.

My Local Tesco Express
Nice Clean windows now
Once I have the Paper I walk back home and make a coffee and then sit out in the back garden  to read the paper and get the crosswords done before going for a cat nap at 12.30, I do like my lie down at midday, anyway I have a lie down listening to the radio until 1.15 when I get up and go into the kitchen and make myself a nice Cheese and Bacon omelette for lunch which goes down a treat with a nice cup of tea, actually as I am preparing the omelette, the Window cleaner,s arrive, so I make them a cup of tea each as well, so now I have nice sparkling windows.

Well once lunch is over with I go get the washing up done, How I can have so much washing up to do just by making an omelette is beyond me, anyway I get that done and put away then back into the lounge to watch a couple of episodes of some old programs that I used to watch, the first one is a Police Drama "Heartbeat" starring "Nick Berry" in the original series. made in 1992, Heartbeat ran until 2010 and there were 18 Series (372 episodes)
Scripps Garage "Heartbeat"
The second one I watched was "The Royal" which was a medical Drama Starring "Ian Carmichael" and "Wendy Craig" it ran from 2003 until 2011 and there were 8 series made (87 episodes)
The Cast of "The Royal"
Its Freaky Friday
However while I was watching those I was getting todays Journal written, as I want to get it posted earlier today, as I will have an earlier dinner tonight so that I can take the dreaded "Methotrexate" that way hopefully It will start to kick in just after I go to bed tonight and I can sleep through the yucky feeling I sometimes have to endure.

Anyway at least the sun is now shining and it is a lot warmer, so I am going to get this journal posted and then sit out in the back garden for an hour with the ipad catching up on my facebook games, so until tomorrow I will say cheerio.


  1. Hi frank, I love seeing all these so English photos. Hope you have a good week coming up and pleased to have found your list of Facebook groups re Myositis. i have a facebook page now too. Do you? From Australia.

    1. Hi and Good Morning from the UK. So glad you enjoy the blog, in answer to your question, I do have a facebook page, I am on most of the Myositis facebook groups, I also have my own website "Myositis in Ficus, there is a link to it on the left hand side of this blog.