Saturday, June 29, 2013

So who was left holding the Baby ?

All will be revealed further down the page.

Says it all really.
Well it was another decent nights sleeps last night, I went to bed earlier last night as the IBS was playing up a bit again last night, my own fault I think as last week I became very lazy and had a few ready meals, which is not a good idea so back to the normal fresh produce meals and zero Gluten again, I Know, I Know, I should know better, anyway, as I said I got to bed earlier about 10.20 and listened to the radio for about an hour or so before turning it off and getting off to sleep , and I slept all the way through until 7.45 so was pleased with that.

Good morning Frankie
well Once I had pulled the curtains I could see it was going to be a very sunny and warm day today, anyway opened the window, went and made a coffee and took back to bed where I lazed listening to the radio and enjoying a visit from the cat next door who came in for her morning visit.

Breakfast Banana,s
I laze in bed until 9.00 when I get up and make another coffee and take into the lounge where I decide that today I had better take A the colpermin tablets for a couple of days to settle the IBS Down. I have to take them 30 minutes before eating so I take the first one at 9.15 so I can have breakfast sometime after 9.45, Anyway while I am waiting I text Pauline to let her know all is Ok. Her and Gordon are down Weymouth this weekend visiting there friend Agnes, anyway I then get on the laptop to check out emails and facebook, before getting breakfast at 10.00 I have a banana and some Gluten free Porridge.

Once I have had breakfast I make a coffee and Gordon Phones to say that they are all Ok and are going out shopping in weymouth later on today, the weather is nice down in Weymouth as well today so that should be nice, anyway I then speak with Pauline and then after that I get dressed ready to go round to get my Morning Paper.

A Sunny Weymouth Today
In the garden
Well Once I have had a shave and wash and got dressed I go round to the tesco express to get myself the morning paper before going home and settling down out in the back garden to read the paper and enjoy a bit of fresh air and also to listen to the radio as is very nice outside this morning and spend a good hour out in the fresh air before going back indoors so that I did not spend to much time in the Sun, although it did give me a chance to wear my hat.

anyway once I was back indoors I get the breakfast things washed up and then go into the lounge to watch the Film "Dennis the Menace" A 1993 film starring "Walter Matthau" and "Mason Gamble" as "Dennis the Menace"
1993 Film "Dennis the Menace"
I always like watching this film as it reminds me of reading the Dennis the Menace cartoons in the "Beano Comic" when I was a child in the late 1940,s and early 1950,s
an Early Beano Comic with Dennis the Menace
While I was watching the film I had a couple of texts from Pauline to say that they had seen a second hand Rollator for sale in a charity shop in Weymouth and did I want them to get it for me as we had been talking about a Rollator , in fact me and Pauline were looking at them in the Mobility shop on Thursday at Fratton. Gordon said it was Ok and they were selling it for £6.99 so he sent me  a photo and I text back and said Yes Please so they got it for me and will bring it back home with them on Sunday evening.
A Second Hand rollator for £6.99 give me more walking freedom and lighter than pushing the wheelchair
Anyway Gordon also sent me a couple of other Photo,s one was of there friend Agness enjoying a lunch break in the Sun.
Looking Good Agnes
It was Pauline left Holding the Baby

And the Other Photo from Gordon was of Pauline Holding a Friends new born Baby Girl, they were round to see another friend in Weymouth who had a baby only a few weeks ago so it is the first time Pauline and Gordon has seen her,
It Suits You Pauline
Well after all that I get myself some Toast and marmalade for a lunchtime snack and then go for a lie down for an hour before going and getting the vegetables prepared for tonight,s dinner and then a coffee made and into the Lounge to watch Midsomer Murders on the TV and also to get todays Journal written and Posted.
"Midsomer Murders" with John Nettles
ITV Drama Series 1997 to date
so that is about it for today, it has been a good day today and as it is the weekend and also Methotrexate yesterday it was a day of rest, it is now 6.00 pm so I will get this journal posted and Then I will get dinner cooked at 6.30 and settle down to an evening of TV and Facebook Games, "Exciting What

But Remember in the words of Garfield.......

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