Thursday, June 20, 2013

Its another shopping Thursday

And a very good day to you all on this really drab and dismal day so all I can say is ..........................
So here we are and I must say that it was a decent day Yesterday and nice to see my Sister Eileen and her friend Chris, The Sideboard does really look nice in my lounge so very pleased with that and thank you to Pauline for giving it to me.
The sideboard from Pauline looks really good.
Out with the bin bag
Well I had a decent nights sleep last night and only woke once during the night for the bathroom, but it was very humid and close last night and had a bit of a headache but a couple of Paracetamol soon sorted that out and got right back to sleep and slept through until about 7.30, so pleased with that. anyway stayed in bed until 8.15 when I got up and made a coffee and then put out the bin bag as it is Bin day today and then text Pauline before getting some Porridge for breakfast.
Pet Rescue Saga
Once I have had breakfast, Pauline phones to say that she is out with Misty and she will be booking a taxi for 10.45 to come down to my place and then we can go down to Asda at the bridge centre to get the shopping. so that is Ok it is now 9.30 so I have about 45 minutes to check emails and catch up on facebook games before I need to get ready for when Pauline arrives.

I did it.
Anyway at  10.20 I go into the bathroom for a wash and shave and then get myself ready for when Pauline arrives, We decide that I will see how far I can walk today pushing the wheelchair so we will go to Asda at Fratton to get the shopping today as I have not got a lot to get today, anyway Pauline arrives and she has brought my clean laundry with her so Thank You Pauline. anyway We get the wheel chair ready and then off we go to fratton, I am walking and pushing the wheelchair so we will see how far I can get before I need to get in the wheelchair. It is just under a mile from home to the bridge centre and I walk the whole distance (I do sit on a bench for about 10 minutes about half way) and then need the wheelchair around the store .
Goldsmith Avenue
Goldsmith Avenue / Fratton Bridge
Fratton Road
The Bridge Centre, Fratton Road
Well at least we got here Ok I did walk all the way pushing the wheel chair and it took about 30 minutes for a mile so not record breaking but a good achievement for me so well pleased, anyway it is very quiet today in the bridge centre. Pauline goes into one of the charity shops and then we go through the arcade to Asda and get the shopping done.
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It is very quiet in the Bridge Centre Arcade.
It is very quiet in the Bridge centre arcade today and it is not much busier in the Asda store. Pauline pushes me round in the wheelchair, so it does not take long to get the bits and pieces we need and then once we have got the shopping we go back outside and I phone for a taxi to take us back home.
Get started on Todays Journal

Once home we get the shopping put away and then Pauline is off home as she and Gordon have an appointment later on this afternoon so she is a little bit pushed for time, Once Pauline has left I make a bacon and egg sandwich for lunch and have that with a cup of coffee, I then have a banana and at 2.30 I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before going into the lounge to get todays journal written.

Well It is now just turned 4.40 I have just spoken to my son Gervase and he will be in  to see me this evening about 6.30 on his way home from work so it will be nice to see him and I have also had a text from Leanne today as well, anyway I have got the Journal finished so I will get this posted and then get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight before settling down to watch Pointless on BBC1 at 5.15 so I will say tatty bye until tomorrow.

A slow shopping day today

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