Friday, June 7, 2013

Well That was Unexpected

Woke this morning to Dark Skies, Rain and Thunder storms, so where did that come from, Guess the Weather forecasters were not getting it right yesterday when they forecast Blue skies, Sunshine and the hottest day of the year. well at least until I got woken at 6.30 am I had a decent nights sleep, anyway made a coffee and lazed around in bed until 8.45 when I got up and took another coffee into the lounge and phoned Pauline.

I am Staying put
I decided to phone rather than text Pauline today as I know that Misty is a very timid dog and that she would be hiding with the thunder, and I was correct, Pauline said that she would not go outside the door this morning so had not had her morning walk yet and as it was still raining that she would wait until later when hopefully the weather will brighten up and the thunder will move away into the channel.

Relaxing with the Paper
Once I have spoken to Pauline I get myself some Gluten Free Porridge, and then settle down with the laptop to check out my emails and also to see who is around on facebook. I spend a bit of time on the laptop and then as the rain has gone and the Sun has broken through I get ready and go round the corner to the Tesco Express to get the Morning Paper. It is not that warm out today so I am soon back home, and settled down in  the armchair with a nice cup of tea and read the paper and get the crosswords done.

A Lovely Bacon Sandwich
At 1.00 it is time for the midday catnap, and so I go and have a lie down for 30 minutes until 1.30 when I go and do myself a bacon Sandwich for lunch, using Gluten Free  bread of course, I was an enjoyable sandwich followed by a nice Banana. Once I have finished that I go and start getting tonight,s dinner prepared I get the potatoes and Broccoli ready and into the saucepan of water and get the lamb Mince fried and into a dish with the gravy ready to be heated up later this evening for dinner.

Well once that is all ready I go back into the lounge with a cup of tea and get the laptop fired up ready to get the Daily journal written, The weather has certainly got a lot better and the Sun is now shining and it is quite warm in the sun so I have a my tea out in the back yard before going back into the lounge to start the daily Journal.

Yesterday evening I was sorting out some of the old photographs as I am thinking of getting a scrap book made charting our family life. I think this will be a worthwhile project as all so often families lose track of there heritage as I have found out doing my Genealogy research and family tree so over the next few days I will be showing some of the Photographs that I am getting sorted ready for the Family History Scrap book.

My Family History Photo,s (1)

Maternal Grand Parents
Frederick Hubbard and Annie Maria Hubbard Nee Brewer
Paternal Grand Parents
John Michael Smith and Caroline Valentine Smith Nee Downs
Mum and Dads Wedding
Albert Joseph Smith and Edith Annie Hubbard
So there we are a taster of where I originated from, as you can tell there is a very strong Royal Naval  Connection. well the time is getting on now and it will soon be time for Pointless and then dinner and the dreaded Methotrexate, so I am going to get today,s journal posted and then settle down for the rest of the evening and let the Methotrexate take its course Whoopee. So much fun on a Friday, anyway until tomorrow I will say a nautical Cheerio

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