Saturday, June 22, 2013

Windy, cloudy and a trip to Waterlooville

Morning Coffee
Well here we are on another Saturday with some very strong winds and rain.

So Much for summer then I had a really great nights sleep last night after a day of eating too much and then, I woke this morning about 7.00 to bright sunshine and blue sky,s, but by the time I had got to the kitchen and made my morning coffee it was raining and blowing up a bit of a storm. Once i had made my coffee I took it back to bed and lazed in bed listening to the radio until 8.30 when I went into the lounge with another coffee and some toast and marmalade and sent the Morning text to Pauline.

Ready for Walkies
Pauline phones back about 9.15 to say that she is just about to take Misty out for her morning walk, and then later her and Gordon will be going over to Waterlooville, which is a small town about 9 miles north of Portsmouth and has a really good Precinct and shopping area, so I thought that was a good idea so they will be picking me up from home at about 11.00 so plenty of time to get myself ready. Pauline sent me a photo later of the waves breaking over the sea wall this morning, when she was out on the common with Misty.

A stormy look at Southsea seafront this morning about 9.30 ish.
 Well I finish breakfast and then make another coffee before settling down on the laptop to check my emails and Facebook, I catch up on a few facebook games before I go for a wash and shave and also to get myself dressed ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive at 11.00 to collect me for a trip over to Waterlooville. marked as A on the map
Showing Southsea and Waterlooville a distance of about 9 Miles.
About 11.10 I get a text from Pauline to say they are on the way to me so I am all OK, I get the wheelchair ready to go in Gordon,s car and then when they arrive we get all sorted and then we are off to Waterlooville. We get there and park just behind the precinct at about 11.50 so we pay for 2 hours parking and then off we go into the precinct, I am walking with the Wheelchair at the moment. Pauline and gordon have some business to carry out in the estate agents so I go and sort out what I need to do in the Nationwide and Barclays and then meet up with Pauline and Gordon outside the Estate Agents and then go for a snack and a coffee in Poppins Cafe and Restaurant 

Poppins cafe and Restaurant, Waterlooville
Well once we have finished our food and coffee, it is 12.50 so we have just about an hour left on our parking ticket so we have a wander around the shops in the precinct before going back to the car and then heading back home. on the way Pauline and Gordon drive down to show me the property they are going to be renting, it looks a very nice house in a very nice area, and I am sure it will be just the place for them.

Five Photographs of Waterlooville Precinct.

Once we are back home we have a coffee and a chat before Pauline and gordon head back home, after they have left I get changed into my indoor clothes and make another coffee and then get the wind wheel that Pauline,s sister Fran sent to me for the Garden set up. Pauline brought it round to me today. so Thank you Fran, it looks ok in the garden and with the wind today it is whizzing around like a Banshie.
The Wind Wheel that Fran sent me in the Garden.
Well there we are then that was my Saturday and I am pleased to say that apart from a couple of spells of sitting in the wheelchair for 5 minutes at a time I walked Pushing the wheelchair for most of the time we were in the Precinct so pleased about that.

 I have spoken to Gervase earlier on and he and Leanne had a good evening yesterday down Gunwharf celebrating leanne,s 32nd Birthday
Gervase and Leanne yesterday evening.
So that is about it for today then Folks, It has been a brilliant day today, a stormy day weather wise but an enjoyable day, I had a nice time in Waterlooville and tomorrow it will be out shopping with Gervase so looking forward to that and now I need to think about getting dinner sorted for tonight, I had a large Jacket Potato and cheese at lunchtime in waterlooville so tonight I will have a light dinner of a gammon steak with a Pineapple ring and a poached egg and Mashed  Potato so I will have that about 6.30, so as it is now 5.00 I will get this Journal Posted and then I have the rest of the evening to sort out dinner and then Relax. So until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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