Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Day, Another Shopping trip.

Well here we are then on another Tuesday which means another trip down to the city centre with Pauline to get some shopping done.

A Good nights sleep
After a very busy weekend and a reasonable day of rest yesterday I had a decent nights sleep last night, went to bed about 10.30 and listened to the radio until 11.00 when I went off to sleep. woke about 2.00 am for the bathroom and then slept through until about 7.15 so a good 7.5 hours sleep, so not to bad, laid in bed until 8.00 when I got up to make a coffee and take back to bed, It is very close and humid this morning, so opened the bedroom window and then had a visit from next doors cat, who came in for a morning snuggle on the bed before going back out again.

Time for Breakfast
I stay in bed until 8.45 when I get up and go into the lounge to send the Morning text to Pauline, who text,s back to say she will phone later, I then go out into the kitchen to get some gluten free cornflakes with some Raisins for breakfast and a nice cup of tea, which I take back into the lounge and watch the BBC News channel while having my breakfast. Just as I am finishing breakfast at about 9.20 Pauline phones to say that Gordon will be bringing her round with him when he comes round to do the cleaning, so they will be here about 11.00 so that gives me plenty of time to get myself sorted out.
Its Cleaner Gordie at work

At 10.30 I get myself in to the bathroom and get washed and shaved ready to go out shopping and then get myself dressed and am all ready by 11.00 so make a coffee and then watch a bit of TV until Pauline and Gordon Arrive at 11.15. Once they are here I phone for a Taxi to Take Pauline, Me and the Wheelchair down to the city centre for todays shopping, while we are out shopping gordon does a couple of hours cleaning the flat for me and then he will wait here until me and Pauline return about 2.00.

Once the Taxi arrives we get the wheelchair in and then we are off down to the city centre to get some bits and pieces of shopping done, First I need to go to Barclays Bank and then it is in to Debenham,s.
Barclays Bank, Portsmouth
Debenham,s Portsmouth City Precinct
well once we have finished in debenham,s we make our way up the Arundel Street part of the Precinct to go into Wilkinsons so that Pauline can get some bits and Pieces for Misty the Labrador and Charlie the Cat, Stopping of at the Heart Foundation charity shop on the way.
Arundel Street Precinct
Wilkinsons Arundel Street precinct
Once we are finished in Wilkinsons we go out into the precinct and drop my Prescription into Boots the chemist, It will take about 10 minutes to get ready so we make our way to Greggs for a coffee and a sausage roll, before going back to Boots and then into Tesco to get the main food shop.
Once we are out of Tesco Pauline goes into Greggs by Tesco, to get a sausage roll for Gordon also a doughnut for her and Gordon and a Apple Danish for me to have with a coffee when we get back home, while she is in there I phone for a Taxi.
Greggs, Just outside of Tesco
Once the taxi arrives we get in and off we go home, we get home about 2.10 and once indoors get the shopping put away and then we settle down with a coffee and snack in my nice clean dusted and hoovered flat, at 2.40 Gordon and Pauline make a move as Pauline has a blood test at St Mary,s  Treatment Centre at 2.50, it is just down the road from here and I settle down to get todays Journal written and Posted.
St Mary,s Treatment Centre
  Well there we are , the end of another day I am now going to get this Journal posted for today and then settle down with the TV, after getting tonight,s dinner prepared so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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