Monday, July 1, 2013

The first day of July.

Yes folks the beginning of another month and today the.....................

Yes that is correct it is 2 years today that I started this Daily journal and apart from the odd time when I was either in Hospital or some other reason I have written it every day and today is issue number......................................

Yes 705 pages of pure boredom LOL. seriously though I have great fun writing about my life since the diagnosis of Dermatomyositis so this is the start of the third year so hang on for the ride.

Last night was a good nights sleep, I did not get to bed until about 11.30 as I stayed up watching some old repeats of "I'M Alan Partridge" starring Steve Coogan a TV series from 1997 - 2002.
"I'M Alan Partridge" TV Series 1997 - 2002 starring Steve Coogan
On the Laptop
anyway I went straight of to sleep last night and although I woke about 4.00 am for the bathroom I slept through until about 7.15 when I got up and made a coffee which I took back to bed and lazed around listening to the radio until I got up at 8.30. once Up I made a coffee which I took into the lounge and then sent the morning text to Pauline. before checking out my emails and Facebook on the laptop.

Gluten Free Chocolate Stars
Pauline phones back and all is Ok with them, She has her sister Fran and Nephew Stewie going down to see her This morning and also Gordon is coming round to do the monday cleaning for me at about 10.30 and he will also be bringing the rollator round that they got for me in Weymouth, so I get some Gluten Free Chocolate star cereal for breakfast and then get myself washed and dressed for when Gordon arrives.

Well once I am washed and dressed I settle down with the computer to catch up on some facebook games until gordon arrives. It is a very warm and sunny day today and It is nice to have the window open, gordon arrives at about 10.20 Just as I have made a coffee so he must have known it was coffee time, he gets the Rollator out of the car and it is a different one to the one he sent the photo,s of from Weymouth, it is a more up market one but there is not a lot of difference apart from the brakes, This one is a Days Model 104 and normal retail value is about £80.00 and Gordon got it Second hand from Sue Ryder charity shop in Weymouth for £6.00. "Bargain"
The Rollator in my back yard
Anyway I make a coffee for Gordon and then after we have had a chat Gordon starts the cleaning and I take out the rollator for a test drive, Must get an "in Seat Stereo system for it" anyway I need to get my paper and decide to go down to the co-op in Winter road as t is a bit further than the tesco express and I can see how I get on with it, well that was a real treat as I feel a lot more confident with using that than a Walking cane and also it means I can go further afield
The Co-op Winter Road (stock photo)
anyway I get my daily paper and then take a nice walk home, gordon is doing well with the cleaning, and he is nearly ready for another coffee before getting the floors done, so I make the coffee and then settle with the paper until gordon has finished the cleaning. once he has finished we have a chat and then he ,makes his way back home to Pauline.
Come on Gordon, Get a "grip"
an afternoon catnap
So I now have a nice clean and tidy flat for another week, once gordon has left I read the paper until 1.00  and then I get some Scrambled egg and a couple of slices of bacon for lunch, before going for a lie down at 2.00 for a cat nap. at 2.45 I am back up and in to the kitchen to get the lunchtime washing up done and then into the lounge with a cup of fruit tea to get todays journal written.

Ok so it is now 4.50 and the sun is shinning and the sky is blue and I am going to spend an hour in the back yard before I prepare dinner so I am going to get this journal posted and so until tomorrow I will say  bye Bye

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