Sunday, July 14, 2013

A very Hot sunday.

Well here we are on a very hot Sunday, My Son Gervase took me up to Asda shopping this Morning, we went early today as he and Leanne are off down to Bournemouth this afternoon to see a band in concert this evening.

This is who they are going to see, no idea who or what they are, it is all over my head I am afraid, think I must be getting old. Bring back ELO and Deep Purple.

Anyhow once we had been shopping we go home and put the shopping away and then about 12.00 Gervase makes his way home to leanne and I get a sandwich for lunch and then take a stroll down to the park with the Rollator for half an hour, and I get and ice cream and a cold bottle of juice on the way, in the park I sit and have my ice cream and watch the world go by.
here is my Ice cream it was so nice.
  It was so nice sitting out in the park under the shade of the trees, the park was quite busy with lots of local families out with the children, the temperature in the sun was 30 C which is 86 F so to hot to be out in it for to long so after 30 minutes I make my way back home.
Far to hot for me.
once back home I make a cup of tea and then settle down to carry on sorting through the archives of old photographs for the next family history book I will write for the family, this one will be on the naval career of my Grandfather Frederick Hubbard.

I was writing the family history up until I was taken down by this Dermatomyositis in mid 2010, and have only just felt that I am able to now resume this project. I have written "Kentish Root,s" which is about the Hubbards in Kent from 1750 up to 1912
when the rest of his family emigrated to Canada and he and his brother Richard remained in the UK, My Grandfather was married to my Grandmother and was in the Royal navy and Richard hubbard was a cavalry man  in the 14th Lancers .
The first Hubbard book I wrote in 2009
So here are a few of the family History Photos from my archive of my grandfather and some of the ships he served on which I will use for the book.  about his Naval career.
HMS Impregnable. Grandfathers first ship
Frederick Hubbard and Annie Maria Brewer ( My grandmother) 1911
The hard Portsmouth, just outside the Naval Dockyard
Rear of the Postcard sent to my future Grandmother  by my Grandfather posted 1906
The old Krook's Naval Football Team Grandfather the officer front centre.
Mediterranean fleet Boxing team Grandfather rear at the end on the left 1922

Grandfathers last ship HMS Iron Duke
There are many more but I have bored you enough so I will leave it at that, it is now 5.30  so I will get this journal posted and leave you in peace until tomorrow, as you can see that with this heat I have done very little today, so sorry if it is a short Journal but as my teacher always said when I was at school. !!!! Frank !!!!, tomorrow you must do better, so I will try. so until tomorrow I will say ........... Bye Bye

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