Thursday, July 4, 2013

Do not upset the staff in Morrisons when shopping.

And here we are at Thursday and today is Shopping day down town with a difference. as you know Pauline always takes me down town on a Tuesday and Thursday to go shopping, but this week Pauline was in hospital having her Thyroid operation, so there was no shopping trip and today Gordon is taking us as he is off work this week to keep Pauline in check after her Operation.
Behave yourself Pauline
 Anyway after the normal morning ritual, I have a phone call from Pauline to say that she is not feeling to bad today, and that her and Gordon will be round to collect me about 10.30 and we will go down to Morrisons to get the shopping, as we are going straight there and back in the car with Gordon I will take the Rollator and leave the wheelchair at home, so we will see how I get on with that . So I need to go and get washed and dressed and ready for when Pauline and gordon arrive

Getting Ready to go out shopping.
True to there word the "Gruesome Twosome " AKA Pauline and Gordon arrive at 10.40 and we get the rollator into the car and and we go down to the Morrison store in the victory retail park in Portsmouth city Centre. It is not the easiest of places to get to, as usually Pauline and I go down to the precinct first and then we walk with me in the wheelchair to morrisons , anyway we get there and then we are into the store to get the shopping done. Me with the Rollator and Gordon with the trolley.
I hear that Gordon likes big Melons
 Anyway it was a good hour shopping today, it went well with the rollator but was really tired at the end, it was probably that it was like a new found freedom as I was able to do my shopping independently which meant that Pauline and gordon kept looking to see where I was as I was up and down the aisle,s like a marathon runner.
One day Morrisons the next the World
This is the one I want.
Anyway It was at the fish counter that I realized that the some of the staff have not got a sense of humour, they need to lighten up and enjoy life. The fish counter in Morrisons and I usually have a laugh and a joke with the regulars as they have got to know me as we go in shopping once a week since they opened, but today the regular staff must be on holiday, anyway there is large signs on the counter stating that they will prepare any fish that I want and prepare it the way I want it

So anyway I get my normal order of a Fresh sea bass fillet and also a nice Dover Sole Fillet and then ask if I can have a Catfish fillet stuffed with sun dried tomato and Parsley.  to which he replied that they don,t do that to which I replied well your signs say you do, Poor lad, no sense of humour which was totally different to the reaction I got from our checkout assistant who does know us who was in stitches and could not stop laughing when I said that I nearly went to Asda to get my toilet rolls today as they were on special offer and were advertised as "finger piercing good" LOL. I really must behave myself but then again why should I.

Once we had got the shopping and paid for it we put it in the car and then went into morrisons cafe for a coffee and lunch before heading back home, once we were home we put the shopping away and then I made coffee,s and we had a chat before Pauline and Gordon went back home. It was about 1.30 when they left so I had a lie down for an hour until 2.30 when I got up and prepared the vegetable for tonight,s dinner and then into the lounge to watch "The Royal" and "A Touch of Frost" while I get todays shortened Journal written and Posted, I have kept it short today as rushing around with the rollator has tired me out and the legs are aching like mad.
The "Royal" a Medical Drama ITV 2003 - 2011 87 episodes
A "Touch of Frost" a crime drama ITV 1992 - 2010  42 episodes
Well it is now 4.40, Gervase has just phoned for a chat, he is just on his way to the train station on his way home from work, so I will now get this journal posted and then settle down with the TV and facebook before it is time to get dinner at 6.00. so until tomorrow I will say good bye

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