Wednesday, July 10, 2013

and the question of the day is....................

Is the heat and sunshine affecting Gordon, s Hearing  with reference to the following film strip.......
Yes people it is Wednesday today and the good thing about Wednesday (apart from the fact that I woke up alive this morning) is that not only is the Sun shining and the birds are singing ("Noisy blighters") but also it is a Medication free day today " Whoo Hoo" the downside is that tomorrow is not. Booooooooooo.
Well here we are then being stupid again but what the heck, I put it down to too mush Sunshine.
Had a good evening yesterday spending some time with Gervase and Leanne and eventually got to bed about 10.35 as I was worn out after walking around the shops yesterday for a couple of hours with Pauline and the Rollator, anyway had a really good nights sleep, and slept all the way through from 11.00 until 7.30 this morning, and then made a coffee and lazed in bed until 8.30 when I got up.
Is it Morning already ?
Once I was up I make a coffee and then into the lounge to get the morning text off to Pauline and then get myself some porridge for breakfast. It is another very warm morning although there is more of a breeze this morning but it is still 22C in here so get the windows open and then have breakfast before checking out the emails and facebook on the laptop.

At 10 00 O'clock I phone Pauline and her and Gordon are out on the common with Misty walking around a charity car boot sale. anyway they are both Ok so that is all right, so once I have spoken to Pauline I get Washed, Shaved, and dressed and then decide that I will take the rollator and go and get the morning paper and then have a walk into Milton Park and enjoy the nice weather, so I take a bottle of water and a banana with me and spend a nice hour or so walking in the park and having a sit down and reading the paper and doing the crossword and then back home and indoors by 11.30. A very enjoyable morning.

The 3 photographs above are taken from the North Entrance to the park

Milton Park Barn
The Photo above is the Original thatched barn that still stands here today, Milton park is part of a Farm , that was owned  by the Goldsmith Family, the land including the thatched barn was transfered to Portsmouth City by the Goldsmith family in 1912 and is now a public park and recreational area. The old Photo below is the Barn taken from the other side c 1845
Milton Park Barn c1845

Goldsmith Avenue alongside Milton Park looking west towards winter road c2013

The Junction of the canal (Now Goldsmith Avenue) and winter road, The
Pub is called the Shepherds arms c1830

And how it is today the same area the pub has been modernised and
renamed the shephards crook  c2013

Now aren't you lucky people to get a look at my life and a history lesson on where I live, I really do spoil you all. But I do enjoy writing my blog and also adding bits of Local or social history into it
Well here we are then at the end of what has been a very good but restful day, A nice walk in the park and now I am watching a touch of frost on the TV. I will have dinner tonight at 6.00 and tonight it will be beef casserole with dumplings ( I am cheating and it is a ready meal from Tesco) Naughty me but it is to warm to be out in the kitchen cooking, so the microwave can earn its keep tonight.

so I will now get todays educational Journal finished and posted and settle down with a nice coffee so until tomorrow I will say..................................

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