Sunday, July 7, 2013

With the Sunshine comes the Traffic Jams.

welcome to another day here on the south coast, the temperature is forecast to reach 86 Fahrenheit  here in the south today, and by the volume of traffic on the roads everyone is out to spend the day at the seaside. by 10.00 am this morning traffic reports were coming in of  heavy traffic on all routes leading to the south coast with many car parks in the most popular seaside towns full up. The trouble with the sunshine here on Portsea Island is that with the traffic congestion so air quality depreciates which does nothing for my breathing. so I try to stay in as much as possible with the fan on.
Summer Pollution
The Morning Paper
Anyway it is Sunday, so a day of just relaxing, anyway I text Pauline as usual and then get some breakfast, once I have had breakfast I check out facebook and also my emails before Pauline phones to say that all is OK with them today, they slept pretty well so that is good anyway after speaking with Pauline I have a wash and shave and decide that as it is now 10.20 that I would go for a walk with the Rollator for 30 minutes to get the morning paper and also once I have the paper I think that I will take a walk over to B&Q at the Pompey retail centre to see some of my old workmates, so that is what I do, so here are some photos of my trip with the "Roland" the rollator. over to B&Q.
"Roland" the Rollator LOL  
Pompey Centre Retail park
Retail centre car park
B&Q at the Pompey Centre retail Park
The Pompey Centre

KFC at the Pompey centre retail Park

Fratton Park "Portsmouth FC" Stadium at the Pompey Centre.
Fratton Way. to the Pompey Centre.
Cat nap with a Teddy
Well that was an enjoyable hour, I enjoyed the walk but found that the heat was very heavy on the breathing, however I sat down a couple of times on the way around so that was OK, trouble was there was only one Person working at B&Q today that I knew from when I worked at B&Q. 
Once back home I made a coffee and then went out into the back garden for an hour to read the paper and also had a Banana, before going for a cat nap at 12.30 for an hour.

Gervase phones at 2.00 to say he will be round at 2.30 and that we can go shopping , we decide that as it is so hot and the roads are full of traffic we will just go and do the shopping at Asda in Fratton, so that is what we do. Once we have the shopping done we head back home and have an ice cream and then watch the Tennis at Wimbledon, It is the mens final and at 5.15 Murray is two championship points away from winning the 2013 mens final. but he is making hard work of it

Nearly but not quite

And the winner is Andy Murray
well that is about it for today Murray has won at Wimbledon and Gervase has just left and I need to get the dinner on for tonight so I will get this journal finished and posted so until tomorrow I will say.....................

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