Saturday, July 6, 2013

Its another very Sunny and warm day today.

Good morning one and all and welcome to another day of summer here on the South coast. Had a good day yesterday and slept pretty well last night, but it was ever so warm so when I woke and made my coffee this morning at 6.30 I had to open the bedroom window and let some air in while I lazed there listening to the local radio, and of course once I had opened the window who should come a visiting, yep thats right the cat from next door.
anyway once the cat had been fussed over he was back out the window, so I get up and dressed and make a cup of tea and some porridge for breakfast and then went out into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on the TV while I had my breakfast and then I sent the morning text to Pauline.
Pauline phones back later to say that they are all Ok and that they also had a bit of a restless night as it was so warm, anyway once I have spoken to Pauline I get on to the laptop to catch up on facebook and also to check out my emails. 

It is a really nice summers day out there today so I decide to get the rollator out and have a walk up to Devonshire avenue to check out the new "Spar" shop that has opened in the converted old "Devonshire Arms Pub" So Off I go and I also get my Paper and some milk from there as well. I enjoyed the walk so that was Ok and then I head back around the block back home.
The Historic Devonshire arms , now converted into a spar convenience  store
Anyway once back home I make a coffee and then take my paper along with the ipad out into the back garden where I sit in the shade of the Sun shade and enjoy a couple of hours out in the fresh air reading the paper and doing the crosswords while listening to a youtube video of the 1970 Frank Sinatra concert at the "Royal Festival Hall" on my ipad. 

1970 Sinatra concert at the Royal Festival Hall
It is very nice sat out in the garden under the sun shade and I spend a good 2 hours out there and also have a nice cheese sandwich for lunch out there as well, what you might call a "Bespoke Picnic"
Coffee, Paper and Ipad. what more do you need

Really will have to get the shrubs trimmed back a little bit 
well I stayed out in the garden until about 2.00 when I went back indoors to get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then went for a lie down until 3 when I got back up and went into the lounge to get this Journal written, I phone Gordon and speak to him and Pauline, they are also out in the garden so they sent me a couple of Photo,s of there garden , it is a lot bigger than mine. so here are two Photo,s of Pauline and Gordon,s Garden.

well that is about it for today, nothing very exciting, just a nice relaxing and restful day today, so as it is now 5.40 I will get this Journal Posted and so until tomorrow I will say.........................

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