Friday, July 12, 2013

Over 60,000 visitors to the Daily Journal in 2 years

yes on freaky friday we have reached over 60,000 visitors to the daily Journal blog, Now that is "Freaky"
And so we come to the end of another week and the weekend is upon us, well the weather forecast is for high temperatures and Sunshine so that means that Portsea island will be inundated with roads full of traffic and high pollution, Don't you just love summer.
The Joys of Summer at the Seaside
Well it was not a bad night last night although I found it very hard to get to sleep as it was a very warm and muggy night, but apart from waking up a couple of times during the night I eventually got up at 8.30 this morning. and after sending the morning text to Pauline and having some scrambled egg and toast for breakfast I checked out the emails and facebook on the laptop before Pauline phoned me to say that all was ok with her.
On the Phone to Pauline.
Once I have finished talking to Pauline I get myself washed and dressed and then I take a walk round to the co-op in winter road to get a paper and some milk and then into the chemist to get my next months supply of Methotrexate and also another supply of Dermo 500. While I am in the Chemist,s I see a friend Marion and we have a chat and then I walk back up the road with her until she gets to her house and I carry on to mine. Marion is someone I have known since the mid 1980,s as she was a teacher along with my late wife Christine at Cumberland first school in Milton, Portsmouth.
Marion and Christine were both teachers
Once I was back home I settle down with a cold bottle of flavoured water and read the paper and get the crosswords done while listening to the radio. This takes me through to 1.00 pm when I have a yoghurt and a Banana for lunch, before taking my Methotrexate and then I go for a lie down at 1.30 for an hour.
An Afternoon Snooze
well at 2.30 I get up and make a coffee, then I get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then go into the lounge to get todays journal started. it has been a relaxing day today and after making a couple of visits to the park this week and also down to the co-op it has made me think about how this area has changed over the years.

Below is the corner of Eastfield Road and Winter Road, the area where I am living the Photo,s show how it was in 1920 and how it is now in 2013.
The corner of Eastfield road and Winter Road 1920
The corner of Eastfield road and Winter Road 2013
This is also the area that my Mother and her Sister and brother were born in the early 1900,s , anyway that is enough Nostalgia for today, the Methotrexate is having a fun day today I do not think the heat helps so I am going to get this journal posted and then have another rest before thinking about dinner at 6.00 and then an early night tonight I think so until tomorrow I will say bye bye and have a............

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