Wednesday, July 31, 2013

another trip out today

That makes three days in a row that I have been out for an appointment this week.
Monday = Dentist
Tuesday = Blood Test
Today = Podiatrist.
and Tomorrow it is shopping out down the city with Pauline so Methotrexate Freaky  Friday will be a day of Rest " Ye Right"

however welcome to..............................

♫ ♫ ♫ Happy Talk, keep talking happy talk, ♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫ Talk about things you'd like to do ♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫ You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream ♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫ How you gonna have a dream come true ? ♫ ♫ ♫

Now you may wonder why I have the first verse from a song from "South Pacific" starting of todays journal, well your guess is as good as mine !!!!

Well it is one of my "Alternative" journal days today. a side step from the usual drivel that I tend to bang on about. so let me explain ........... well at least try to.
The Explanation begins
To start with the last two or three weeks have been a hard couple of weeks for me although this week has been a lot better and the reason why, I will explain in a few minutes, needless to say a lot of my problems over the last couple of weeks has been brought about by my overdoing the walking with the rollator, anyway more of that later, back to the song. Take the word "Happy Talk" that is what gets me through the days when I feel like crap and today the word Happy also applies to my feet, for today I have Happy Feet. No not like the animated penguin film.............

"Warner Bros 2006 film "Happy Feet"
............. My happy feet is down to the care and the skill of my Podiatrist who over the last 12 months have got my feet sorted out so that I can now walk with a lot more comfort in fact we have reached the stage where I can now see her every 12 weeks rather than every 8 weeks so a good result.

Now back to the rest of the song and the main message "You Gotta have a dream", This is something that I had growing up through childhood and through adulthood, like most people you dream of things that you would like to happen, and then "Wham Bam" you get hit by this stupid Myositis. in my case it was late in life and I had already taken retirement at 65 and I got diagnosed when I was 67, but it screwed up my dreams of what I was going to do in my retirement.
Well I might have wanted to go Mountaineering 
any way back to the matter in hand, as I said the last couple of weeks have been really hard going after overdoing the walking with the Rollator, as Pauline said " To much to soon" anyway I have thought long and hard and look at how far I have come since diagnosis of Dermatomyositis in May 2011, and have come to the conclusion that I need to have another dream and that is to continue to enjoy life even with my reduced mobility and to accept that I will continue to need to rely on others to help me with certain things, but the main decision I have made and I made this after speaking to my doctors and that is that reducing the prednisolone has reduced my ability to enjoy a quality of life that I want, at 10 mg a day I was Ok at 5 mg a day I am tired and lack enthusiasm, so I am going to revert back to 10 mg a day, the way I look at it is, that at my age is it really going to matter  what the side affects are  I need to have fun and be able to do things. On 10 mg a day  I can eat better, walk further, cause more chaos, and have less fatigue. so there we go "Look out World, frankie,s on the rampage"
Lets Rock the world

Well that is my Rant over for the day, The day has been a decent day for me, I started my 10 mg a day from Monday and already I can feel the benefits, I slept well again last night from 11.30 until 6.30 this morning and then got up for the bathroom and made a coffee and took back to bed where I lazed listening to the radio until 8.00 when I took another coffee into the lounge and sent the text to Pauline.
Pauline phones back to say that everything is Ok so that is Ok so I have some porridge for breakfast before going to have a wash and shave before settling down to check out facebook and my emails while listening to the local radio solent. at 11,00 O go round to the tesco express to get my daily paper and then once back home settle down with a coffee and read the paper and get the crosswords done.
Once I had read the paper I go for a lie down until 1.30 when I get myself a nice piece of smoked haddock in butter with a couple of slices of bread and butter for lunch before getting ready for the Taxi to collect me to take me for my Podiatry appointment.
As I said earlier Podiatry went well so once back home I let Pauline know all is OK . make a cup of tea and settle down to get todays alternative Journal written. well it is now 5.30 so I am going to get the journal posted and then settle down with facebook for some "Pet Rescue Saga" and "Candy Crush" Oh I must get a life LOL. so until tomorrow I will say..................

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