Monday, July 8, 2013

And the summer heat wave continues.

Is it really Monday already, my goodness time really does go by so fast these days, mind you I expect the people caught up in the massive traffic jams leaving the beaches on the South Coast Yesterday are glad that life is back to normality.

10 Mile traffic jams coming out of Bournemouth yesterday evening.
You get some rare Sunshine and everyone goes Potty over here, common sense and reasoning gets discarded for some reason, and the A&E Departments in the hospitals get over run with people suffering from upset stomachs from eating undercooked BBQ food, extreme sunburn and dehydration , and problems with excess alcohol consumption.


And so after a weekend of Sunshine and Wimbledon we are now at Monday and I had a really good nights sleep last night so woke up full of the joys of summer this morning at 6.30 so made a coffee and took back to bed where I lay listening to the local radio until 8.00 when I got up and made my way with another coffee into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on TV and to send Pauline the Obligatory morning text.
Oh Well, Time to rise and Shine
Walking The Dog
once I have sent the text to Pauline I get some porridge for breakfast and then Pauline phones to say that Her and Gordon are out on the common with Misty, it is already very warm although there is a breeze coming in of the Solent so that makes it more bearable, it is now about 9.00 and she said Gordon will be round at about 10.00 to 10.30 so that is Ok. Once I have spoken to Pauline I get on the laptop and check out facebook and also my emails.

Anyway Gordon arrives about 10.15 and I make the coffee and we have a chat, Gordon has brought my clean laundry back with him, anyway he decides he will do the flat cleaning tomorrow, when I am out down town with Pauline shopping, so he is going to take me up to cosham, which is at the North of Portsea Island so I can hand in the completed paperwork to extend the rental on the flat for the next 12 months, so that is what we do.
Cosham High Street
Cosham High Street.
Cosham High Street North Pedestrian Precinct.
Brewers Letting Agency where I needed to go.
Well it is several years since I have been up to Cosham, many years ago in the late 1980,s when I had my driving school I had a shopfront and office at Cosham, down near the Railway station, Cosham has certainly changed, anyway once I had been into brewers  , Gordon and I go over to "Poppins" cafe and Restaurant and had a coffee each and gordon also had a bacon and egg sandwich. after that we headed back home.
Poppins in Cosham High Street
 Once we get home we have a coffee and then gordon heads home so I get the rollator and go round to the Co-op in Winter road to get the daily Paper and also a couple of banana,s and then I head back home and make a cheese sandwich for lunch which I have with a bottle of Flavoured spring water, as it is very warm , to warm to sit outside at the moment so will go out into the garden later on this evening. Once I have had lunch I go for a Cat Nap for an hour until 3.00 when I go and prepare the vegetable for tonight,s dinner and then get this journal written.
Having A "Cat Nap"
Well it is now 5.20 and the sun is still shining brightly so I am going to get this journal Posted and then have a nice cold drink of spring water and sit out in the back garden with the ipad for an hour before dinner as the sun has moved around and there is some nice shade at the back so until tomorrow I will say.................

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