Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Pauline.

A True Friend indeed

Yes it is Pauline,s Birthday today, BUT if she thinks she is going to get out of taking me shopping and doing my Laundry, she had better think again.

Hello one and all and welcome to another..............
Boo Boop de Boop
And no that is not Pauline sitting there modeling her party dress, "Or is It " ??????

Well it was a really good nights sleep last night although I had a very tiring day, and it looks like after St Swithuns day that today and the rest of the week is going to be pretty warm, this is also born out by the lovely sunset over Portsmouth last night just before I retired to my bed,

Red sky at Night, Shepherds delight
Red sky at Morning, Shepherd warning
Sunset over Portsmouth last night.
Anyhow once I was up this morning at 8.30 and took the coffee into the lounge I send a birthday text to Pauline and then get some Porridge for breakfast, I have had constipation kicking in again the last couple of days so have gone back onto the Fybogel for a day or two. anyway Pauline phones back to say that Gordon will be bringing her round to me about 11.00 and then will get the cleaning done while we are down town and then he will come and collect us when we are done, so I suggest that we ring him when we are finished and then we can all go for a spot of lunch in the cafe in Victoria park in the city centre so that is what we do.

Well we get a taxi down to the city centre and get our bits of shopping done and sort out Pauline,s birthday Present, also have a coffee in the precinct and then int marks and spencer,s to get the little bit of food shopping .
Pauline sorting out a net curtain for one of my window,s
what a way to spend her Birthday
A very quiet city centre today
Once we have got all our shopping it is 1.45 and gordon is waiting for us in Matalan car park so we go off to meet Gordon and put the shopping in the car and then we walk over the road to Victoria Park to go for a spot of lunch at the Park cafe which use to be the Gate keepers lodge, and is now the Lodge art centre and cafe, a not for profit volunteer organisation.
Entering Victoria Park
The flower beds in Bloom
The Avery with the peacocks and other birds
Pauline and Gordon in the Park
The Naval China Memorial 1900
The fountain in Victoria Park
Once we had a nice stroll through the Park we went for a drink and a snack in the Park Cafe. in the old Gatekeepers lodge.
Victoria Park cafe (stock photo)
Victoria Park Art Centre and Park Cafe
Quirky to say the least
Quaint and out of the ordinary
Artists at work
And great food and Company.
well that was a most enjoyable Tuesday, we got back home about 3.30 so I was out with the Rollator for a good 4 hours or so. once home we got indoors and then Gordon and Pauline headed back home (with my dirty laundry) and I made a coffee and settled down to get the blog written and posted. well I am about ready to Post this blog, sorry it is a bit short but to put it bluntly I am done in. but I have enjoyed today, and my coffee has gone cold so until tomorrow and a quieter day I will say...................


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