Thursday, July 18, 2013

! ! ! I really must get a life ! ! ! !

Yes I have come to the conclusion that I really must get myself a life after staying up to almost 12.30 last night playing around on the laptop creating silly "Film Strip Cartoons" while listening to TV program about food poverty in the UK. however here are the "Film Strip Cartoons" I was playing around with.

Anyway another very warm day today so Welcome to Thursday.

First coffee in the morning
As I said I was up until about 12.30 last night before eventually getting to bed, it was a day of rest yesterday so I was not that tired and also I find it is very warm at night and hard to get off to sleep anyway once I got off to sleep I slept well through to 7.30 this morning, when I woke to another very warm and sunny Morning, so made a coffee and lazed in bed until 8.30 when I made another coffee and went into the lounge to send Pauline the morning text.

Once i have sent the text to Pauline I get some breakfast before settling down with the laptop to check out facebook and also my emails, until Pauline phones at about 9.15. She is about to take misty out for her morning walk and we decide that as it is another warm day that we will go to Asda at Fratton today and not down to Morrisons, so Pauline is going to come to mine at about 11.00, and then we can walk ( with the Rollator) to Fratton and get the shopping and then get a taxi back home with the shopping , so once we have had our chat, I watch heir Hunters until 10.00 when I go and get ready and have a shower for when Pauline arrives.
Through the Keyhole
Pauline arrives at about 11.10 complete with my clean shirts all neatly ironed and on Hangers we have a chat and get the shirts hung up and then we get the rollator out and head of down to Asda at the bridge centre in Fratton.
Looking North down Fratton road towards the Bridge Centre

Looking South towards Fratton Bridge
Once at the bridge centre we have a coffee and then get the shopping done in Asda before getting a Taxi back home. once indoors we have a coffee and a Sausage roll before Pauline heads back home at about 2.45, once Pauline has gone I go and have a cat nap until 4.00 when I get up and prepare the vegetable for tonight,s dinner and then make a coffee and into the lounge to watch a "Touch of Frost" on the TV and to get todays Journal written.
!! This is a Cat Nap !!
well there we are , not a very exciting day, but a very hot one, the temperature out side  the front of my flat at 4.40 this afternoon was 33C = 91.4 F, no wonder I am feeling the fatigue, anyway I have gervase coming in to see me on his way home from work tonight at about 6.30 so I will get this Journal Posted and then rest up for the evening ready for "Freaky Friday" Tomorrow, so until tomorrow I will say .......................

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