Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time to change the story.

Well and here we are on another Wednesday so welcome one and all to Wednesday
yes it is halfway through the week, I am feeling slightly better as it is not so humid today so easier to breath, and also had a decent nights sleep as well so I must admit that "Pauline" AKA "She who must be obeyed" must in future be listened to as she said since I got the Rollator that I was overdoing it and as much as I hate to admit it she has been proved right.

Also the royal baby has now been born so perhaps we can get back to relatively more normal news broadcasts and Newspapers, but any way I will say congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of a new baby son who will be third in line to the throne.
William left holding the Baby
And now for the rest of the day, Apologies for such a short journal yesterday and for mr winging on but it was a really bad day for me yesterday for the reasons given above, anyway I feel so much better today as although it is still very warm and sunny, it is not as humid as it was and the air is not so heavy, but until this "Heat wave" is over I will be taking things a lot easier as directed by Pauline.
Here is the weather for 4.00 pm along the South Coast of England
Although there were many Thunderstorms and flash flooding around the UK yesterday evening we had none in Portsmouth, bu there were some along other parts of the South Coast, and I think that is what lowered the humidity last night and allowed me a better nights sleep.
Flash Flooding in Nottinghamshire yesterday evening.
On the Laptop
As I said I had a decent nights sleep last night and slept from about 11.45 through until about 7.20 this morning when I got up for the bathroom and then made a coffee which I took back to bed and lazed listening to the radio until making my way into the lounge at 8.30. Once in the lounge I text Pauline and then make some Porridge for breakfast before settling down to check the emails and Facebook on the laptop.

Misty out for her morning walk
at about 9.00 Pauline phones to say that she is out on the common with misty for the morning walk and that it is a bit chilly this morning and she wishes she had worn a cardigan as her arms are feeling cold and there were a few drops of rain in the air, but that did not come to much as we have not had any rain here today and it has been quite sunny but the temperature has been lower at 22 C + 71 F.

Doing Well Gordie
Anyway before we finish chatting, Pauline said that Gordon will be round at about 10.30 or so to do the cleaning for me, he did some yesterday but because I was no that well he did not do the vacuuming, so he will be doing that today and also washing the Kitchen and Bathroom floors as well as cleaning the Bathroom. While waiting for Gordon I watch Heir Hunters on the TV and then "Homes under the hammer" that finishes at 11.00 and Gordon  arrived at about 10.50, so we have a coffee and a chat and then while Gordon starts the cleaning I take a slow walk round to get my Paper and some apple juice. once back home I settle down to read the paper while gordon is doing the cleaning, he vacuumed the lounge while I was round getting the paper.

Gordon finishes at about 12.30 so we have a coffee and a chat and then about 1.00 he makes his way back home to Pauline and I get some chicken soup for lunch (which was rather tasty), while watching the lunchtime News on the TV and then once I have had that I do one of the crossword,s in the daily Paper before going for a lie down at 2,00 for 45 minutes before getting up at 2.45 to make a coffee and going to watch "The Royal" on ITV 3 at 2.45.
Chicken soup for lunch
Once the "Royal" has finished a "Touch of frost starts" which is another on of my favourite programs. That goes on until 6.00 when I will get dinner started, so on that note I will get this journal finished and Posted as it is now turned 5.00, so today has been a day of rest and on Pauline,s instructions when we go shopping tomorrow we will take the Wheelchair not the Rollator . so until tomorrow I will say.........

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