Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Wow"is today Hot or What ?

So here we are on another sweltering day here in Sunny Southsea.
Vintage Poster for Portsmouth and Southsea
The weather is certainly treating us with some welcome Sunshine this year after the last few years of cold and wet summers, so people should make the most of it, although I find that the heat does make it heavier to breathe especially with the air pollution from traffic fumes that the hot weather brings, I still enjoy the sunshine and the smell of People BBQ,s in the evening. and as long as I cover up my arms and wear a hat when I go out, then that is OK with me.
Wearing a hat when out walking in the sun
  had a decent night last night and was up and sending the text to Pauline by 8.30 this morning, and already the sky is a clear blue and the sun is shining so first thing I do is to open the windows as the temperature in my lounge is 22C which is about 74F
Portsmouth at 8.30 this Morning.
decide to just have a Banana and Yoghurt for breakfast this morning and then check out my emails and facebook. Pauline phones at about 9.10 to say that Gordon is out with Misty and that Her and gordon will be round at about 11.00 so that Pauline and I can go down to the city centre to get some shopping and gordon will get the Flat cleaning done, They will also bring my clean laundry round for me as well.
Gordon in his shorts out "Walking the Dog"
Well, once I have finished speaking with Pauline I settle down to watch "Heir Hunters" a Genealogy program on BBC1 until 10.00 when I go and get washed, shaved and dressed ready for when Pauline and gordon Get here. I am all ready and sorted by 10.35 so make a coffee and listen to the local radio, at 10.45 I have a text from Pauline to say they are on the way to men and they arrive about 11.00. we decide that I will take the "Rollator" today and we we will get a bus down to the city centre, which will make a change as I have not really been on a bus for over a year, and then when we have finished the shopping we will phone Gordon and he will come and collect us, so that is what we do.
Here I am on the bus with Pauline on the way to the city centre.
Once we get down to the centre we go and have a wander around and look in the shops in the precinct before heading up the arundel street precinct to wilkinson,s to get some pet bits and pieces for Misty and Charley, Pauline and Gordon,s Dog and Cat. On the way there Pauline takes a Photo of me with the Rollator outside the "Gym" wishful thinking really.
One day maybe.
anyway once we have got what we want in Wilkinson,s we make our way over to the Nationwide Building Society, and then we go yo the Expresso Bar for a coffee and a Sausage roll, before heading back into boots where I need to get some Tyrozets Lozenges for when I have a sore Throat. These are very good and I remember mum getting these for us when we were kids.
These are really good and effective
After we cone out of boots we go into Tesco to get some shopping, we are not getting much today as I have the Rollator, and we will do a main shop on Thursday down at Morrisons, so we just get what we need and then pauline Phones Gordon to say we have finished shopping and we will walk down to the railway station at the end of the precinct and he will come and collect us from there.
Portsmouth and Southsea Railway Station
Gordon soon arrives and we head home, once indoors I make the coffee and we have a chat and at 3.00 Gordon and Pauline make a move back home, They have taken my dirty washing with them and also they are going to drop my repeat prescription into the doctors so that we can collect it on Thursday.
It's not that bad Pauline "IS IT" ?

So that was a good day, and I have done about 2 hours walking with the rollator and I feel really happy about that, hopefully the legs will not feel to painful tomorrow but hey "Onwards and Upwards"

Fight the Fight
well that is about it for today, it has been a really positive day today so I am now going to get a coffee and go out in the garden for an hour before I have dinner at 6.00, so until tomorrow I will say .................

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