Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Day, Another Heat Wave.

Saturday dawns Bright, Sunny and warm so all I can say is.........................

♬ ♬ ♬There's a farm called misery, but of that we'll have none.♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ Because we know of one.♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬That,s always lots of fun (Ha Ha).♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ And this one's name is Jollity; believe me folks, it's great. ♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ For everything sings out to us as we go through the gate.♬ ♬ ♬

♬ ♬ ♬ All the little pigs, they grunt and howl.♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ The cat's mee-yow,♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ The dogs bow-wow.♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ Everybody makes a row.♬ ♬ ♬
♬ ♬ ♬ Down on Jollity Farm.♬ ♬ ♬

especially to those Myositis friends in the UK who are going to the Myositis Support Group 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner and conference at Oxford today and tomorrow, Sorry I cannot be with you but I have so many appointments next week, Blood test, Dentist, Podiatry etc that I need to rest this weekend otherwise I will never get through them. but hope you all have a good time.
Oxford UK
Well it was another hot and humid night again last night, so did not sleep that well , anyway I managed to get a couple of hours here and there until I decided to call it quits and got a coffee and into the lounge at 7.30, where I opened the window to let the air in and sat with the laptop listening to the local radio until I sent Pauline the morning text at about 9.00. Pauline phones back at about 9.30 and all is Ok for them but I think Gordon is waiting for his breakfast.
Pauline Phones and Gordon has Burnt Toast for Breakfast
once I had spoken to Pauline and had breakfast I got out "Roland" the Rollator and took a stroll over to B&Q to see some old friends and then on the way back home got my Morning Paper and some milk. Once back indoors I made a coffee and settled down in the recliner to read the paper and get the  crossword done before getting a sandwich and a Yoghurt  for lunch , after which I went for a lie down for an hour until 3.00 pm when I make a nice cup of tea and then I go and listen to some old songs on Youtube on the smart TV from 2 bands that I used to enjoy way back and they were " The New Vaudeville Band" and "The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band"
Music on Youtube
The New Vaudeville band were a 1960,s/1970,s band with hits such as "Winchester Cathedral 1966", "Finchley Central 1967". "Dear Rita Hayworth 1973"

The New Vaudeville Band
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band were a 1960,s/1970,s comedy rock band with hits such as "Jollity Farm 1967", "I'm the Urban Spaceman 1968", "Mr slaters Parrot 1969"
The bonzo dog Doo Dah Band
Well here we are now at 5.20 and I have done absolutely nothing today, it has been far to hot and humid and with the Methotrexate Yesterday and the appointments coming up next week it has been a really relaxing day, so now I am going to get this short Journal posted and settle down to an evening of "Law ad Order" on the TV so until tomorrow I will say...............................

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