Tuesday, July 23, 2013

woke up this morning feeling crap

Not at all with it today
Yes it is another one of those really crappy days today, this heat and humidity is really getting to me. I really did not feel like getting up this morning at all anyway dragged myself out of bed at 8.30 and text Pauline to tell her that I had cancelled my Blood test for today and also my dentist tomorrow, I have rebooked my Dentist for next Monday and will have to phone the doctors later in to week to reschedule the Blood test. Really do not feel like eating at all in this weather, so only had a banana and a yoghurt for breakfast today.

Thank you Pauline
anyway Pauline and gordon turn up about 10.30 to see if I need anything done, Gordon fixes a new net curtain in the kitchen for me and Pauline changes my Bedding and sorts out my laundry to take home and wash for me. anyway about 11.30 I take a walk round to Tesco express with Pauline to get some milk and Salmon fillets for dinner tonight and also a Sandwich to have for lunch, I need to get some food inside of me.
Once back home Gordon makes some coffee,s and we have a Sandwich for lunch. Pauline also tidy,s up the back garden for me while they are here.

Thank you Gordon
Also gordon cleans my Kitchen for me and does the washing up and he is going to come round tomorrow Morning and do the rest of the weekly clean then as I need to rest today and try and get to feeling better. anyway Pauline and Gordon make their way home at about 1.30 and I go for a lie down until 3.00, when I get up and go into the lounge, still not feeling much better it is so hot and humid here today I just wish we would have a bit of a thunder storm to clear the air and freshen things up a bit.

Anyway I am now going to finish this Journal for today and go for another lie down, hopefully tomorrow I will feel better anyway so for the time being I will say Adios.

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