Friday, July 19, 2013

Its too Hot to be a Freaky Friday.

A Myositis ditty for the heat wave

I have come to the Conclusion, while sitting on my bed,
Feeling so exhausted, sweat dripping from my head.

We moan about the rain, the dullness and the cold,
We moan  about, our aches and pains, and that we're getting old,

But now we moan about the Sun, humidity and heat
and all about fatigue, and what we cannot eat,

Oh Happy Myositis, What have you done to me.
But now I really must go, I really need a Pee.

It really is another sweltering day her on the South Coast and I am just....................

So I had a very restless night last night, it was so warm that trying to sleep was really hard work, so I was only getting about 2 hours sleep at a time and then waking for 30 minutes and drinking water to cool down so at 7.00 this morning I decided that enough was enough and took a coffee into the lounge and opened the window, put on the fan and watched the breakfast news on the TV. The weather forecast the heat wave extending into next week with the humidity getting worse and possible thunder storms.
Five day weather forecast for Portsmouth UK.
at 8.30 I send the morning text to pauline and then get some breakfast of porridge before Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok and that she is about to take Misty out for her morning walk, anyway once I have spoken to Pauline I watch heir hunters on the TV and check out emails and facebook until 10.30 when I get the rollator and go round to get the paper and take a walk down to the local park, where I sit in the shade of the many trees and read the paper before heading back home about 11.45.
A Peaceful Milton Park in the Sunshine today
 Well as long as this weather keeps up then it should be another bumper weekend in southsea with families visiting the canoe lake and also the Bandstand in Southsea as they did last weekend.
Canoe Lake Southsea at the weekend
The Bandstand at Southsea Castle at the weekends
anyway it is too hot out for me today so once home from the park I have a lie down for an hour and then get myself a Sardine and Tomato Paste Sandwich for lunch, also a banana and a nice cup of cool de-caff tea before taking my 15 mg of Methotrexate and then spend the afternoon watching TV with the window open and the fan on until 3.30 when I start to get the daily journal written on the laptop.
Taking the weekly dose of Methotrexate
In the lounge with the Fan, Open Window and the TV.
Getting the Daily Journal Written on the laptop.
I always said I was 'Hot"
Well that is really all there was today, I am now just resting and watching TV while the Methotrexate circulates around and does its job, also the heat is very intense today although the fan is on and the window is open it is still 25C = 77F in the lounge, so I am doing very little apart from Perspire so I am going to get this Journal Finished and Posted and then have a stroll round to Tesco to get an ice cream. so until tomorrow I will say.................................

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