Monday, July 22, 2013

Thank goodness the weekend is over and getting back to normality.

Whatever Normality is with Myositis.

A Better nights sleep
Well I must say that I did have a better night last night, woke a couple of time during the night but basically  slept through from 11.00 until 7.30 when I went and made a coffee ready to start the day, at least my thighs and right hip are not so achey this morning, but I will be resting again today as I have blood tests at Eastney health centre tomorrow and then Dental treatment on Wednesday so a busy week ahead as also shopping on Tuesday and Thursday.

Pauline Phones

And I answer

well at 8.30 I decide that I would make another coffee and take into the lounge where I send the morning text to Pauline and then I settle down with the laptop to check out facebook and also my emails before Pauline phones and we have a chat,

Once I have chatted with Pauline I decide to get dressed and then head of round to the Paper shop to get a Paper, I will be going there and back this morning as I am going to leave the walking with the rollator until tomorrow when I go for my blood test. anyway once I get the daily paper and a Sandwich for my lunch later on I head back home and settle down to watch the TV for a couple of hours before having Lunch. I watch an episode of " Murder she wrote" and also an episode of " Rookie Blue" it is season 4 that has started over here on the Universal channel and I recorded it last night, I am going to record the series. Rookie Blue is a Canadian Police drama

Rookie Blue Series 4
Whoo Hoo Coffee
At 1.00 I go and make a cup of decaf Tea and have a nice Chicken and Bacon sandwich and a Banana for lunch before going for a lie down at 2.00 for thirty minutes, at 2.30 I get up and go and get the lunchtime washing up done and then peel the potato,s ready for dinner tonight before taking a coffee into the lounge where I watch the royal and then a touch of Frost while I start to get this journal written for today.
well that is about it as far as today goes, I think that the Myositis won the battle of the Rollator walking from last week but you can bet your life that it will not win the war.

Tomorrow ???

 Well that was a decent day today very restful but very Boring. it has been very hot and humid today, but they say that there is rain on the way and thunderstorms with a good chance of Flash Flooding in some places, this is some really weird weather this year so far.

Now before I get this journal Posted I will just check to see if there is any news on the Royal Baby,s impending arrival, well so far there is no news so the world waits with baited breath for the arrival of the 3rd in line to the British Throne and will it be a Boy or a Girl ?
So now it is 5.00 and time for me to get todays journal posted before Pointless starts on BBC1 so until tomorrow I will say........................


  1. I'm surprised that William did'nt give you a call & filled you in with the latest news,early next month they are going to give me an injection to block a nerve which supoedly causing the pain in my back & leg. Now I reckon you need to pace yourself &just do a little each day.

  2. Morning Michael. I think I missed his phone call . Hope the Injection gives you some relief from the Pain, And you are certainly right in that I need to pace myself better, take care.