Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well today it s a Global issue !!!!!

well a couple of illustrations are in Globes anyway, so welcome to ............

"Awwwww what a pretty Pussy cat". Good morning folks and here we are on another Thursday and after another decent nights sleep I am up and in the lounge by 8.30 and sending the obligatory morning text to Pauline. Gordon has gone up to Salisbury this for work so Pauline is out on the common with Misty for the morning walk so she is on Southsea common when she phones me, although it is still very warm it is also very dull as I think we had some during the night, and pauline said that she felt a couple of spots of rain on her arms while out on the common.
Thats a Goat Pauline, You should have gone to Specsavers
anyway Pauline said that she will book a taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me and we will go down to the City Centre to get a few bits of shopping so once I have chatted with Pauline I get myself some Sainsburys Gluten Free Cornflakes for breakfast and then watch "Heir hunters on TV until 10.00 when I go and get myself ready for when Pauline arrives.

Pauline texts me at about 11.10 to say she is on the way so I get the Wheelchair ready for when the taxi arrives with Pauline, we have decided that during this very hot and humid weather that we will play safe and take the wheelchair when we go out shopping so that I can sit in it when I have done enough walking and leave the rollator for shorter Jaunts to the local shop and park so that I do not overdo things and end up feeling like I did after the weekend. "See I am obeying Pauline,s orders"

Anyway Pauline arrives with the Taxi and so we get the wheelchair in and off we go down to the city centre for an hour or so, we need to be back home by 1.30 at the latest as Pauline has an appointment for a blood test at St Mary,s treatment centre at 2.10. Anyway the Taxi drops us off down at the precinct near to barclays and then off we go to get the shopping.
The Precinct where the Taxi drops us off (Stock Photo)
Once the Taxi driver drops us off we make our way to Barclays to carry out a couple of transactions and then make our way down to the other end of the precinct to the Nationwide, there computer systems are down at the moment so we go for a coffee at the Expresso coffee bar in the precinct and have a coffee before going back into the Nationwide again, this time there system is up and running so we can complete our business there. once out of the Nationwide, we make our way into Boots the chemist and then into tesco to get the shopping once we have got that we then get a Taxi home.
Tesco in Paradise Street, City Centre, Portsmouth
Once back home I get the shopping put away and we have a coffee and a Sandwich and then at 2.00 we get a Taxi to take pauline to the St Mary,s treatment centre for her Blood test prior to her follow up post op appointment with her Thyroid doctor, it is to check that her calcium levels are OK. it has healed up very nicely so her surgeon really did do a superb job with the operation.
St Mary,s Treatment Centre, Milton, Portsmouth
Well once Pauline has left, I go for a lie down until 3.15 and then get up and make a coffee which I take into the lounge where I get out the laptop and get todays daily journal started. My son Gervase phones about 4.30 to say he will be in to see me on the way home from work so as it is now 5.15 I will get this journal finished and Posted to my blog and then settle down to watch Pointless on BBC 1
so until tomorrow I will say.......................

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