Wednesday, July 17, 2013

and Wednesday dawns bright, sunny and warm.

So welcome to Wednesday and hope you all have a Quacking day
To start todays Journal I thought I would add the photo,s that Gordon took yesterday and which I did not receive until after I had Posted the daily journal yesterday.
a pose in front of the flower beds in Victoria Park

I Doff my hat to the Lady.

The Lady like,s to rest
A good nights Sleep
Well now you see what I have to put up with when Pauline takes me out shopping. anyway after a really great but tiring day yesterday I went down to see my Son Gervase and the lovely Daughter-in-law Leanne last night for a couple of hours, got back home about 9.30 and collapsed into the recliner with a nice hot chocolate, before watching TV for an hour and then into bed by 11.00 and slept right through until 7.30 this morning, "Excellent"

Check out emails and facebook
Well once I woke this morning I got out of bed to make a coffee and my legs were really achey this morning, mind you I was on my feet walking with the rollator yesterday for a good Three to Four hours so not surprising really anyway I think that today will be a day of rest apart from a short stroll to the park and back with the daily paper, anyway once I have made the coffee I take it into the lounge and open the windows as it is very warm already and it is only 8.00 am, anyway send the morning text to Pauline and then settle down to check emails and facebook.
Once I have done that Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with them, Gordon did not have such a good night last night but is OK today, anyway once I have had a chat with Pauline I get some Gluten free Porridge for breakfast and then settle down to watch heir Hunters until 10.00 am when I get the rollator and take a walk round to the paper shop to get a paper and then go into the park for 30 minutes to read the paper, before heading back home and settling down with the TV and the Father Dowling Mysteries These are repeats on  ITV 3 of an American  series about a crime solving catholic priest and his assistant there ran from 1987 - 1991. starring Tom Bosely and Tracy Nelson
The Father Dowling Mysteries 1987 - 1991
I watched the TV for an hour or so and then went and spent a couple of Hours going through my Genealogy archives, What I was looking for was either hard copy or digital images of Portsmouth in days gone by, It was something Gordon said yesterday and that was that "whenever he goes somewhere in Portsmouth he always learns something new". 
Portsmouth is steeped in history going back to roman times so there is always something new to learn and as I have family connection to Portsmouth going back to the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1815 when my Great,Great, Great Grandfather "John Michael Smith(Schmitt) came over from Prussia after the Napoleonic wars to Fort Cumberland .
Fort Cumberland, Eastney, Portsmouth
Anyway The reason is that I thought hat I would see if I could show Gordon some Photographs of Portsmouth from days gone by along with the photographs of how it looks now "Nostalgia" and as today has been a day of not much happening I thought I would share them with you as well so here we are Portsmouth Now and Then

Yesterday we were in Victoria Park in Portsmouth City centre so here are a couple of here and now from Victoria Park.
The fountain 2013
The Fountain c1904 ?
The park 2013
The park c1904
Now as all of you who read my Journal know Pauline takes me down to Commercial road in the city centre to go shopping on tuesday and Thursday so here we are with Commercial Road Here and Now
Commercial Road 2013
Commercial Road early 1900,s
Commercial road 2013
Commercial road 1950,s/1960,s
The Building to the left on both photos above is Barclays bank and in the old Photograph the LDB store to the right is the Debenham,s store in the current photo above
 me and Pauline also go down to the council offices by the guildhall every month to pay my council tax so here is an  old and new photo of the guildhall area
Guildhall Square 2013
The guildhall area pre world war 2 with commercial road running past
And here is the guildhall area after the German bombs fell in World war 2

The guildhall Survived the German Bombs in WW2

Well that is about it today, not that exciting for you really, as I have been resting all day after yesterday,s galavanting around the park with a rollator, anyway it is now 6.00 pm and I need to get this journal finished and posted then settle down with the TV until I get dinner at 7.00 this evening, fish and chips I think tonight, so until tomorrow I will say.................

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