Saturday, July 27, 2013

Forecast is Tropical storms on the way," But are They" ?????????????

Well you never know in this country at the moment so we will see but until then Welcome to Saturday.
Well again it was a decent nights sleep last night, although I must admit I did not get to bed until about 11.45 as I stayed up watching NCIS on the TV . Anyway slept through until 7.30 when I made a coffee and took back to bed until I got up and into the lounge to text Pauline at 8.15. Pauline phones back to say that all is OK with them so that is OK so I settle down to watch the morning news and weather forecast while having some cerea; and a Banana for Breakfast.

Forecast for 4.00 pm tday

Well although we have been forecast "Tropical Storms) for today this is the Forecast for 4.00 pm today for the Portsmouth Area and so far I have seen about a dozen drops of Rain ????? Oh Well perhaps we will get it tomorrow................

Forecast for 4.00 pm Sunday
................... Or perhaps not...........

Well the Methotrexate is playing games today so it is going to be a day of TV for today I think, anyway at 10.30 I take a walk round to the paper shop and get the morning paper and then back home, make a coffee and then settle down to Phone my son Gervase as they had problems last night with one of the cat.s catching a tiny little field mouse in the kitchen , so I just had to do this.

Mind you it was a very brave mouse to venture into a house with 5 cats roaming around, anyway after I had spoken to Gervase I settle down to read the paper and then have a lie down before getting myself some Chicken soup

after lunch I go onto the CBS Action channel as they are showing two episodes a day of Bonanza, and then after those two it is two episodes of Gunsmoke, so that is the afternoon,s Tv viewing taken care of.
Bonanza 1959 - 1973
Gunsmoke 1955 - 1975
Well it has been a nice restful day so far today and am looking forward to a nice night in front of the TV after dinner  watching the last two episodes from series 10 of NCIS and then at 9.00 it will be a nice movie the 2010 making of "Robin Hood " with Russell Crowe  and Kate Blanchett.
Robin Hood 2010 with Russell Crowe.
Ok so it is now 5.30 so I am going to get todays Journal posted and then  at 6.00 I can get dinner started so that I can settle down for the evening, so until tomorrow I will say..................
From my new friend Ant E Dote................ keep you eyes open for a new cartoon with Ant in it.

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