Saturday, July 13, 2013

A daily Journal with a difference.

Well here we are on Another Saturday and according to the weather Forecast it is going to be the hottest day of the year so far here in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK.
And today the Daily Journal is taking a break from the normal drivel I write and write some new drivel, This was all on account of a very weird dream I had last night "Freaky Friday or What" ??? It was tantamount to watching the Monty python film "The meaning of life" coupled with "Red Dwarf", the "X Files" and  "The hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" so perhaps the Meaning of life is not.........
Perhaps the meaning of life is ........................................
Now this has now got you all puzzled hasn't it, well all will be revealed "NOW"

Now dumbo was a cat, not any old cat, dumbo was a special cat wit really big ears hence the name "Dumbo", he came to me and my late wife christine in the mid 1970,s about 1975. We were living at the time in a ground floor council flat in southsea and were not as yet married, Christine was working as an administrator for Portsmouth city council and I was working for a car Company.
Where we were living in 1975 when Dumbo arrived.
No w Dumbo was a "Blue Devon Rex" the grand name of "Suzerane Dumbo" he was a pedigree and came to us via the breeders who were Christine,s brother Michael Clark and his wife Gillian. They bred devon rex as show cats and sold them all around the world, so how did Dumbo come to us well he was "BALD" yes that is correct a Bald Devon rex with no fur apart from on his paws, the tips of his ears and the tip of his tail, but he was a character. he used to torment the dogs around the area and also in the autumn when the council gardener came around with his 4 wheeled cart to collect the fallen leaves from the trees, Dumbo would jump into the cart and throw them all back out again, Dumbo thought it was great fun which was more than the council did as we had letter telling us that unless we kept the cat under control we would be evicted , anyhow let me introduce you to "DUMBO".............................
The Comical and lovable Dumbo
Well Dumbo stayed with us until he passed away in his sleep in 1992. he lived to the great old age of 16. He was a real clown and gave us so much pleasure and was so fond of Gervase when he was growing up, he never strayed far from home and his favourite thing to do was catch a small bird and bring it indoors to us and the bird was totally unhurt apart from being wet, but Dumbo never harmed them, and although he was never afraid of dogs, he was scared stiff of Mice. anyway the spooky part about this is that I had this weird dream about him last night, he was running around the bedroom in Pyjamas. A Cat in Pyjamas is the last thing I would think of Dreaming about, but "Dumbo" yes right, well that was a really spooky dream,so what does this all mean, I think the combination of the Methotrexate, and  the heat was playing tricks with my sleep pattern, either that or I am going round the bend....................................
Well it is really hot day today so after getting the morning bits and pieces done i settle down with you tube on the smart TV to watch some of the 1930,s "Fleischer Animation Studio" colour classic cartoons. an excellent way to spend a saturday after the methotrexate on freaky Friday. i did the history of the "Fleischer Studios" for my University Dissertation for my Animation Qualification. when I was a Mature student at the age of 54.
Here are the 11 Animated shorts I watched today.
Hold it 1938
Greedy humpty dumpty 1936
Little Lamby 1937
Somewhere in Dreamland 1936
Hawaiian Birds 1936
Play Safe 1936
All's Fair at the Fair 1938
Dancing on the Moon 1935
The Song of the birds 1935
The Kids in the Shoe 1935
Musical Memories 1935
Now that was a brilliant couple of hours and at 1.30 I have a phone call from my Cousin Michael in Fareham to say that he will be coming down to see me this afternoon about 3.00 and also bringing my cousin Carolyn from Weymouth with him so that will be excellent so I get a tuna sandwich and a banana for lunch, and then about 3.00 they turn up. It was an excellent couple of hours talking about times gone by, and other things we have a coffee and a good old natter and before I knew it, it was 5.00 and they had to make a move, so once they had gone I settle down to get this journal written and Posted.
It is now 6.45 so I will get this posted and then get a jacket potato with Cheese and Bacon for dinner tonight, so until tomorrow I will say.....

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