Monday, December 17, 2012

A really bad day today

Well It has not been a very good day for me today, I have had a bit of an upset stomach saturday evening and yesterday but I woke up this morning with a really bad stomach/bowels and it has been on and off all day, Just hope it is only a virus and nothing more than that, there is a lot of the Norovirus going around at the moment, however if it is still the same by wednesday I will be phoning my GP as I am not sure how the reduced immune system will handle it, probably slower than normal. anyway there is only 8 days left until Christmas.
Thinking about it it may not be the Norovirus, it may just be a cold through my bullfighting escapades.

I am sorry that this is going to be a short Journal today as I really do not feel that well and have been in bed resting most of the day And when not in bed I have been running back and forward between the Kitchen and the Bathroom

Well Gordon Came and got me a paper and some bread for toast but apart from that I have been resting all day, do not feel much like eating but am staying hydrated, I have a slight temperature but not high, and have had some toast earlier on and will have some soup later, but apart from that I have just been watching the TV.

Well I am sorry but this is about all I am writing today as I need to get another drink so until hopefully a better day tomorrow I will say bye bye and sorry this journal is so short.

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  1. Sorry your not feeling so good, don't be shy about seeing a doctor they have some pretty quick ways of stopping this sort of thing.
    Take care & hope your soon feeling better.