Friday, December 14, 2012

Another very wet Friday .

Ready for Christmas
And the days go on and on and on and Christmas is getting nearer and nearer. as I said yesterday I have all my gifts purchased now apart for 2 so almost ready, all cards that need posting have been sent so only the local family and friends to do this weekend and then I will be ready.

A wet and Windy Friday
So here we are on Methotrexate Friday, Not a good nights sleep last night, after a few decent nights sleep, it all changed and I was awake by 5.30 this morning ( perhaps it was the excitement of having my new TV up and Running last night) anyway laid in bed listening to Radio Solent they were having 15 minute updates on the weather they are having torrential rain down in dorset from 7.00 am and it is moving eastwards towards us here in Portsmouth.

At the Hairdresser,s
anyway the rain reaches us at 8.00 am just as I am taking my morning coffee into the lounge. it is so dark you would think it was night time, anyway switch on the TV and listen to the news and weather forecast while waiting for Carol my carer to come, Carol arrives wet and wind swept at about 8.45. she is not happy about the weather but is glad that she will be finished at 11.30 this morning and then she is off to the hairdressers, which should be fun in this weather. Anyway I am soon sorted and Carol is on her way and I text pauline to let her know that all is Ok here.

Once I have sent the text to Pauline, I make myself some scrambled egg for breakfast and then go online to check out emails and facebook before settling down to watch Heir Hunters on the TV.

Heir hunters is a documentary program on BBC 1 about company,s tracing the heirs of people who have passed away without leaving a will anyway it is very interesting, while I am watching that Pauline phones to say that they are up in Salisbury and it is raining very hard up there as well. anyway after heir hunters I go and get the washing up done before watching a couple of Episodes of "Keeping up appearances" and then I go for a lie down until 1.00 when it is time to get some lunch and take the Methotrexate.

Well Today for Lunch I have some Baxter,s Gluten Free red lentil and Bacon soup and also some Gluten free Crackers and cheese and also a coffee and very nice it was too. once I have finished Lunch I get the laptop back up and running and play a couple of games of words with friends before watching a Christmas Movie " Farewell Mr Kringle" staring Christine Taylor and Christopher Wiehl this is a 2010 Made for TV Movie.
Farewell Mr Kringle 2010
Writing Todays Journal
once that finishes I go for another lie down for 30 minutes and then go and get the vegetable prepared ready for tonight,s dinner and then it is back in on the laptop to get todays Journal written. It has been a funny old day today, It has been a busy week this week and after not sleeping well last night and also taking the Methotrexate and also the Raynauds and this cold and damp weather I have not had a lot of energy today, so good job that I did not have to go out.

An evening of TV
anyway it is now 5.35 and I will need to get dinner started at 6.00 so I will get this journal finished and Posted and then I will have the evening to sit in the recliner watching TV and Dozing as the methotrexate gets to work, so until tomorrow I will say  Bye bye and hope that I get a better sleep tonight and that it is drier tomorrow as it is now 5.40 and it has been raining since 8.00 this morning.


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