Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heading Towards 2013.

And here we are heading into 2013. This year has gone by so fast with so many up,s and down,s anyway only 2 days to go and we will be there.

Give me Chocolate Cake
Well I am glad to say that with the aid of Rest and being sensible on the eating front that by yesterday evening I was feeling a lot better than I did yesterday morning, and last night was one of the better nights sleep I have had in the last two years. I slept through uninterrupted from about 11.30 until about 7.50 this morning so a good 8 hours sleep, anyway I must take it easy on the eating front over the next couple of days so that I get back into my normal routine after the hurly burly of Christmas. Dam you Chocolates, leading me into the path of temptation.

So after a good nights sleep and a lie in with a cup of coffee I eventually get out of bed at 9.30 and make another coffee to take into the lounge, I also do some toast and marmalade for breakfast. I send the morning text to pauline and then go online with the laptop to check out my emails and also to check to see who is around on facebook. I also have the radio on Radio solent listening to the older music and the one they are playing at the moment is "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" by Brian Hyland from 1960. Not the weather for a Bikini today anyway and I don,t think a Bikini would suit me LOL.

Get on with the job Gordon
Pauline Phones to say that they are out with Misty along the sea front a d again it is very windy today, hopefully the rain will stay away until they get home and also that it stays fine as Gordon is going to do a slight repair to Pauline,s car some other car caused a small dent and scratches while it was parked outside Pauline,s flat the other day so it is now in Gervase,s forecourt off the road so Gordon can get it sorted today. They have no idea who did it so just another Careless driver

Once I was off the phone to gordon I got dressed and took a walk round to tesco express to get the morning paper before heading back home for a nice relaxing morning reading the Paper, Doing the Crossword and "Washing up the breakfast things". The Morning goes by very quickly and at 12.00 I have a phone call from Gervase to say he will be round to me somewhere around 1.00 and we can go out to get the shopping, so I need to have a shave and get changed ready and as I had a late breakfast I just have a Banana to tied me over until dinner tonight.

Steady on Gervase
Once I was ready I make a coffee and sit in the recliner with the laptop playing "words with friends" on facebook until Gervase arrives at about 1.30. I am all ready so we get in the car and off we go, I decide that it would be nice to go to Morrisons up at the end of the eastern road so that is where we go, We are not in there long as we have not got a lot to get, once we have the shopping we then go to PC World as Gervase,s laptop has packed up so he needs to get a new Laptop and then we head back home via the seafront.

Once back home we get the shopping put away, and then have a chat before gervase makes his way home, Once gervase is gone I get the vegetable prepared for dinner and the make a coffee and settle down to get this Journal finished and posted and at the same time watching some old episodes of "Open All Hours" a sitcom made and first broadcast in 1976 starring Ronnie Barker and David Jason
Open all hours 1976
well that is about it for today, a nice quite pleasant day today and feeling s much better than yesterday. I just hope I have not overdone the walking around Morrisons and PC world today as we left the wheelchair at home, anyway It is time to think about getting the dinner on as Tonight I am having Sea Bass with Mashed Potato, and a Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese bake. so I will say Cheerio until tomorrow which will be the last day of 2012.

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