Monday, December 10, 2012

Its another Sunny but Cold Monday

and here we are at the start of another week, This is going to be a busy week as I need to get all my Christmas shopping and cards done this week as next week it is going to be manic down the city centre so I want to stay well away from there.

A Happy Morning Coffee
And so the countdown continues, anyway back to today and I had another good nights sleep last night, went to bed a bit later last night at 11.00 and listened to the radio for an hour until 12.00 when I got off to sleep, slept through until 6.20 this morning when I needed the bathroom and then went back of to sleep until 8.10. as I have no carer on a monday, I lazed in bed until 9.00 when I got up, dressed and into the kitchen to make a coffee before going into the lounge to watch the end of the breakfast news.

An excellent fruit and Honey bar
From Holland and Barrett
Anyhow once I have had my coffee I text Pauline and she Phones back to say all is OK and that Gordon will be round later for a couple of hours cleaning for me, so once we are off the phone I have a Banana, Yoghurt and a Manuka Honey bar for breakfast (all Gluten Free) i then settle down with the TV until Gordon arrives about 11.15.

Once Gordon arrives I make a coffee and we sit and have a good old chat, Gordon said that he and Pauline had a nice time down in Weymouth over the weekend so that was good, anyway Gordon starts the cleaning and I take a walk round to Tesco Express to get a paper, it is a nice bright day here with clear blue skies and Sunshine so after I get my paper take a walk along goldsmith avenue to frencham road and come home that way, it tired me out a bit but I enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

Reading the Paper
Once back home I settle down to read the paper until Gordon has got all the cleaning and dusting done, and then we have a coffee and a biscuit before gordon does the vacuuming in the Lounge and Bedroom and washes the Kitchen and Bathroom floors. 
Writing my daily Journal.
The time has gone very quickly to day and once gordon has finished and loaded everything in his car we have another coffee and then Gordon makes his way home. it is now 1.00 and time for the lunchtime news on the TV, so I get a piece of Smoked Haddock into the oven to cook for lunch and then watch the lunchtime news. after 20 minutes the fish is ready so I get a couple of Crisp bread and butter them with Flora Gluten Free Spread from Morrisons and that is what I have for lunch, I do so like Smoked haddock cooked in Butter. Loverly. anyway once lunch is over I go and have a lie down until 3.00 pm when I go back into the lounge to get this journal started and also to check out my emails and Facebook.

Christmas Cards
Well folks sad to say that is as exciting as my Monday has got I am afraid, the next few days should prove a little more exciting as tomorrow it will be the start of the christmas shopping and also the weather is expected to take a turn for the worst, so I will get this journal posted, get dinner on cooking at 6.00 and then after dinner I will have to get my christmas cards written and into envelopes ready for Posting Tomorrow.
So until the Christmas shopping expedition with Pauline tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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