Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Last Saturday before Christmas.

Well Folks the Holidays are almost upon us with only three more days before the big fellow comes.

It was another decent night last night, slept pretty well and even had a lie in this morning as I will not see my carer until next Thursday, so a lie in is on the cards for the next 4 days, "Excellent" well I dragged myself out of bed at 9.00 and on looking out te window Saw a bird on the washing line.

bon Appetite
Well I could of done, anyway as per usual it is raining today "Again" so will not be going far today, anyway I make a coffee and get myself some scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and then Text Pauline to let her know all is OK. I enjoyed the scrambled egg on toast it seemed to have a continental flavour so I am wondering if the eggs were laid by those 3 pesky French Hens that seem to hang around this time of year.

Washing Up
Once Breakfast is over I make another coffee and then get the washing up done, I then decide to pay a couple of accounts on line and then to check my emails and facebook, While I am doing that Gordon Phones to say that he will be round about 11.00 to do a couple of hours cleaning for me, so that is OK, Pauline said on Thursday that he would probably be round today As I was not well last Monday so no cleaning was done that day.

Wakey, Wakey Gordon
So Gordon Arrives about 10.50 and I make a coffee for us both and then Gordon goes out to his car to get the cleaning gear and comes back in with it and says it has stopped raining, so that seems like a good chance to go round to Tesco and get my daily paper, I do not need any other shopping until tomorrow when Gervase will take me out to get few bits and pieces to take me over Christmas, I do not need to get a lot as the shops are only closed Christmas day the rest of the days they are open.

Can you see the scales Gordon
Well I get back from the shop with my Paper and Gordon has almost finished so I sit down and start to read the paper while he finishes off, and then we have our weekly weigh in, Gordon has lost a bit of weight which he is pleased about and is just over 11.5 stone, I have lost a couple of pounds this week and weigh in at just over the 12 stone.  I would like ideally to get down to between 11.0 stone and 11.5 stone. but at least a couple of pounds is a start.

Tasty Soup
Once we have had our weekly weigh in I make a coffee and we sit and have a chat and then at about 1.00 Gordon makes his way back home to Pauline and I sit and watch a bit of TV until 1.30 when I decide that I will get myself some chicken soup for lunch, I didn't have breakfast until late today so a bowl of chicken soup will do be fine for lunch today, once I have that I go back online to check out a couple of things as I need to get a couple of floor lamps for the lounge as I find the main light very bright for my eyes so I will be looking for a couple after Christmas, I looked on the Argos site and they have some nice ones on there.

Classical Music 
at 2.30 I decide it s time for a lie down and listen to Classical FM on the radio for an hour or so, actually it was for nearly one and a half hours so at 3.45 I go and make a coffee and then decide that I had better get todays journal written and posted before settling down to an evening of christmas movies on TV, at 6.20 it will be "I saw Mummy kissing santa claus a 2001 Movie and at 8.00 it is the 1999 movie of dickens "Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart and Richard E Grant.

So here we are then at the last Saturday before Christmas and it has been a year of Ups and downs, but to be honest there has been more ups than down, it is also the second christmas that I have been writing this journal. so to all of you that have persevered with reading it I thank you.

Anyway I now need to get this Journal finished and posted, as it is 5.10 and I need to get dinner at 5.45 ready for the movie that starts at 6.20  so I will say cheerio for today and will be back again tomorrow so I will leave you with no. 17 of My Man Dream Comic Strip. So Cheerio.

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