Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two days to go before Santa comes.

Whooo Hoo Only 2 days before the big fellow comes a calling.

So today it is time to get the presents all ready to be delivered to the recipients, Living in a flat I have not got a chimney so Tomorrow I will have to leave Santa a glass of egg nog and a mince pie on the table in the back yard, not forgetting a bowl of food for the reindeer.
Ho, Ho, Ho, Egg nog from Frankie
Well seeing as it is only two days to Christmas,  the bad news is that this will be the last Daily Journal.
Boo Hoo no Daily Journal Oh woe is me.
So today is not going to be about me but a silly Christmas edition. so here is a Poem that I have put here for you all to read. It is dedicated To all in the Garden Flat in Southsea.

Twas two nights before Christmas

Twas two nights before christmas, and all round the flat
Nothing was stirring not even Pauline,s cat
Ratatouille for dinner tonight.
Misty was having a long soak in the bath,
Pauline and Gordon thought that was a laugh
Ah roll on Walkies time
Gordon was relaxing asleep in his chair
Dreaming he had a full head of black hair
Oh I wish I had hair like what frank has LOL
And Pauline God Bless her, is jigging about
she,s getting ready to take Misty Out.
That Frank drives me round the bend.

But the Good news is that the Daily Journal will return on Boxing day the 26th of December so you see you will have no reason to feel Despondent (LOL) so Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.
Will Be Back on Wednesday 26th December (Boxing Day)

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