Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exciting or What

Well that was not a very good experience out shopping with Pauline today, Tesco are getting worse and worse. still only 14 more days to christmas and then it will all be back to normal.

Cold Day Today
The day started off well enough I had a decent nights sleep last night slept through from 11.45 until 6.45 this morning so that was Ok, Got up at 8.00 to get a coffee and then into the lounge with the TV and the laptop, to check out my emails and facebook and to wait the arrival of Carol my carer. It is a lot colder today with a heavy frost all around so glad that the heating is on

Getting Dressed.
Carol arrives at 8.45 and is absolutely frozen with the cold, the car keeps getting iced up and she has to keep clearing the car screen and windows between clients, the sun is starting to come out but the roofs of the houses are still covered in Frost. anyway once she has me washed and groomed she is on her way so I text pauline and get some Porridge for Breakfast. Pauline Phones back about 10.00 to say that she will be booking a taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me to g shopping down the city centre. so I watch a bit of  TV until 10.30 when I get a shave and get dressed ready to go out.

Well Pauline arrives at 11.10 and once we have the Wheelchair in the Taxi we are of down town and get dropped at the Post office to get the christmas cards Mailed. The one to my Cousin Maureen in Canada was posted last week and all the ones for home were posted today."Job Done".

Main Post office in Slindon Street. Portsmouth.
Anyway once we had got the letters posted at the inflated postal charges, (50 p for a second class letter),  we then make our way down to the precinct to Barclays bank, and then we have a coffee at the Coffee bar on the precinct. The next stop was Marks and Spencer for Pauline and then over to Holland and Barrett for some Gluten Free Biscuits and some honey bars, and then into the Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society Portsmouth
Taxi Home
Once we had finished in the Nationwide it was into Tesco to get some lunch and also the food shopping, well I was very unimpressed with the Tesco Cafe today, so much so that I will probably not eat there again , in fact the whole Tesco store is going downhill here in Portsmouth with Mis-priced goods on the shelf, Unhelpful staff and aisles blocked with cages of goods waiting to go on shelves and no one working them, They had run out of soup ( This was 1.15 lunchtime) they had a jacket potato which I was going to have and Pauline was going to have a Sausage roll apart from that they had no food at all apart from a few chips and baked beans, anyway then they decided that they did not have any sausage rolls so I decided that in that case we would forget it so we went and paid for the shopping and then went out and had soup and a Sausage roll at Greggs( not Gluten free though). after that we got a Taxi home.

Beware of Raynaud's
Once we are Home we get the shopping put away and then I make a coffee, My feet are absolutely freezing and my toes are almost "50 Shades of Grey", well at least 45 so I get my shoes off and put on my wool slipper socks and also my warm slippers  and it takes about 30 minutes to get the circulation returning, I do hate this disease and the Raynaud's and everything else it brings with it

My Brother Pat
Pauline leaves at about 2.30 so I get a coffee and start to get this Journal written, anyway I can't concentrate as my feet are hurting so I watch a bit of TV and nod of in the Recliner until 4.00 pm when I suddenly wake up with a start, I think the cold weather has taken its toll on me today so perhaps going out for so long in the cold is a "no go" anyway make another start on the journal and it is soon approaching 5.30, when my Brother Pat Phones, He is over in B&Q doing a job and is going to come in and see me, and have a coffee. it is so nice to see him and we have a good old natter and a coffee until he leaves at 6.45 to go and do another job on the way home.

So Now it is time to get some dinner and it will be a quick meal of Salmon and Mash Potato tonight as it is 6.45 and I have a Taxi coming at 7.30 to take me down to see Gervase and Leanne, so I will have to finish the Journal later when I return home, I put the salmon and Potato,s on to cook at 6.30 so dinner is ready for 7.00, by the time I have finished dinner it is nearly time for the taxi to arrive.

Well it is 9.30 pm  and I am back home after a nice 2 hours down with Gervase and Leanne, but it is very cold out tonight, it is -0.5 C here in the city and a heavy frost is starting to settle. Leanne,s dad "Dave was also down tonight as well so he gives me a lift home so that is good. so now to get this journal finished and Posted so I will leave you with a couple of Seasonal cartoons I have found and hopefully back to the normal time tomorrow.

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