Saturday, December 15, 2012

another changeable Saturday.

And here we are again and Saturday is once again with us.
It is now only 10 days to Christmas and it is approaching fast, Today has started as yesterday  ended Wet and windy there were several floods around Portsmouth yesterday Station Road in Drayton on the outskirts of Portsmouth suffered Flooding yesterday with several inches of water affecting peoples homes.
Station Road, Drayton Yesterday
This brings back memories as we used to live in Station road back in the early 1980,s and then this morning Gordon sent me a Photograph of the high tides at Southsea this morning when he was out walking Misty on the common.
Southsea Promenade today at Hight tide and Gale force winds
Morning Coffee
As the morning has progressed so the winds have got lighter and the rain has turned to spasmodic showers, so hopefully it will be a better day than yesterday weather wise.

It was not a bad nights sleep last night and I was up at 8.00 am this morning and into the lounge with my morning coffee to listen to Radio Solent and also to wait for Carol my carer to come. Carol arrives at 8.45 as usual and gets me sorted for the day ahead and then she is off to her next client.

The Morning Paper
Once Carol has gone I text pauline and let her know all is Ok here and then I get some porridge for breakfast. Pauline phones back to say all is Ok there and that her and Gordon will be coming over to B&Q about 12.00 and did I want to go over with them, well that seems like a plan to me as I need to get an Ethernet cable for the new Smart TV so they are going to come and collect me about 12.00. It is 10.00 now so I go and take a walk round to the Tesco Express to get my Morning Paper.

Getting Ready to go out.
well once I have the Paper I head back home and settle down to do the crossword before getting the laptop up and running and checking my emails and also checking out facebook.  I have a few games of Words with friends and then at 11.00 I decide that it is time to get a shave and get changed ready for when Pauline and Gordon Arrive to take me over to B&Q. well once I am all ready I watch a little bit of TV until Pauline and Gordon arrive about 12.15.

Well we head over to B&Q which is just a short drive from where I live and I decide not to take the wheelchair as we will not be there long, and I can use a shopping trolley to walk around the store with, once there Pauline and gordon go to look at what they want to check out for re-decorating the Bathroom and I go to find the Ethernet cable that I need. I find the cable and then go and find Pauline and Gordon. we then go to the cafe for a coffee before heading to the checkouts and then back home.
B&Q Fratton Way, Portsmouth
 Once back home Pauline and Gordon drop me off and then they head back home and as it is now 1.30 I decide to get some lunch and have some Sardines with a couple of crisp bread and then a Banana. once I have had lunch I have a cup of tea and then go for a lie down for an hour until 3.00 when I decide to go and watch a Christmas movie. The movie I am watching is "Meet the Santa,s" It is a 2005 made for TV movie starring Steve Guttenberg and Beth Sawtell.
Meet the Santa,s 2005
Once the film finishes I go and get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight as I am having Sea Bass with potato and Cauliflower cheese, I will be having my dinner later tonight as I had a late lunch anyway once I have that done ready I go and get this Daily Journal written and Posted and also at the same time I am watching another Movie "Mrs Miracle" A 2009 made for TV movie starring James Van Der Beek, Erin Karpluk and Doris Robert,s.
Mrs Miracle 2009
well again this is a good movie, anyway I need to get this journal posted as it is 6.30 and nearly time to get dinner on at 6.50 ready for when the film finishes at 7.20 so I will say tatty bye for now and will be back tomorrow with the Sunday Edition.

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