Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Wednesday waiting for a delivery

And we Wait, and Wait, and Wait, and ......................................Yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh well there is a long time to go yet it is only 12.40 and the delivery slot goes up to 8.00 pm tonight. and as it is the christmas season Argos are probably very busy with deliveries.

I was Dog Tired last night
Hello one and all after yesterdays disaster out shopping with Tesco and Raynaud's I did at least have a decent nights sleep, after a nice evening with My Son and His lovely wife Leanne and Leanne,s dad Dave I got home about 9.30 and managed to get Tuesdays Journal completed and Posted and was in bed by 11.00. Got off to sleep about midnight  and apart from waking at 3.30 ish for the bathroom slept through until 8.00 and then a mad panic to get up, a coffee made and in to the lounge ready for Carol my carer.

While I am waiting for Carol I get the laptop up and running and check out facebook and also my emails, I then watch the breakfast news on TV until Carol arrives at 8.45, it is not so cold this morning in fact I was surprised to see no frost around this morning when I woke up, it had obviously got milder overnight, and now they are forecasting rain for tomorrow, "Stupid British Weather", it needs to make its mind up. here is the weather forecast for the next 5 days for Portsmouth UK.

Anyhow Carol soon gets my face and neck washed and hair groomed ready for the day ahead and is then on her merry way to her next client, she has a busy day ahead of her today, anyway one she has left , I  get dressed and Text Pauline and then go and get a Egg boiled to have with a couple of Crisp bread for Breakfast and also have a Manuka Honey Bar and a Banana, all gluten free and Healthy.
While the egg is boiling Pauline phones to say that all is Ok so that is good, so all I have to do now is have breakfast and then watch some old sitcoms on the TV, read a book, check out facebook and play facebook games and generally have a relaxing day apart from the washing up and just wait in for the delivery from Argos. anyway as the time approaches 1.15 I start to think about what to have for lunch and I have decided to have a tin of Baxter,s Chunky Chicken and vegetable soup, with a crisp bread or two.  Baxter,s are one of the company,s that have a good range of Gluten free soups in there range, not all there soups are gluten free, so you have to check the label for the Gluten free symbol.

Pork chops.
Well that was a tasty Lunch. Baxter,s make excellent Soup they also do a red lentil and Bacon soup which is also gluten free as well as some others like beetroot, tomato and Buckwheat. anyway have a bit of a break from the TV and get the washing up done and then get the Potato, Cauliflower and Sprouts prepared ready for dinner tonight. I am going to have a pork chop tonight, but as I still have trouble swallowing red meat because of the texture and I still have mild Dysphagia I will have to blend it down first but the taste will still be there which is what I miss.

Well my Delivery came at 3.10 this afternoon so that was OK so I can now relax and have a cat nap in the recliner, as I have not had a lie down today yet. anyway it is now 3.30 and so what I will do is to make a coffee, and then get this Journal posted and then I can doze off in the recliner for an hour or so before Pointless at 5.15 and then I can get dinner on cooking at 6.00 and then a nice evening of TV. so until tomorrow and shopping down morrisons I will say Tatty Bye.

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