Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well a little better today than yesterday.

And so we go into Tuesday,

Wahoo a shopping
free Tuesday
well after spending the last 2/3 days running back and forward to the loo, yesterday being the worst day with Stomach cramps as well today has been a lot calmer, certainly I think just resting at home yesterday certainly helped and also spent today just resting indoors and watching TV has again helped so at least it gave Pauline a rest from taking me shopping.

I went to bed fairly early last night and after a bout of acid reflux got off to sleep fairly quickly by about 11.30. slept through until about 3.30 when I woke with another bout of acid reflux anyway took a couple of Gaviscon tablets and that soon cured it and soon dropped back of to sleep and woke again at 7.00, so put on the radio and listened to radio Solent for an hour until 8.00 when I got up and made a coffee to take into the lounge, where I sat and listened to the radio until carol my carer arrived at 9.15, my stomach is certainly feeling a lot easier this morning than it did this time yesterday, although still a lot of flatulence.

While I am waiting for Carol, Pauline phones to see how I am today, we decide that it will be better not to go shopping today, I do not feel up to it anyway, so we will leave it today and see how I feel tomorrow, or else we will leave it until Thursday. once Pauline is off the phone it is not long before Carol arrives and gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then once Carol has left I get a couple of slices of toast for Breakfast

Once I have finished breakfast I have a lie down and then decide to watch a Christmas movie, Well that,s a surprise you all say. The Movie I watch this morning is "On Strike for Christmas" which is a 2010 made for TV Movie starring "Daphne Zuniga" and "David Sutcliffe"
"On Strike for Christmas" 2010
Lunch Today
That was a good movie and I also went online to check out e-mails and also to check out facebook. This took me up until 1.00 when I decided to try a light lunch so I had a poached egg on toast for lunch, I took it easy and I enjoyed it, and so far so good I seem to have no sign,s of Diarrhea so far today, in fact it seems to be heading towards the normal Constipation, as I have stayed of my Lactulose since Saturday. Oh well as they say better the devil you know. LOL.

Once Lunch is over I get the washing up done an Pauline phones to make sure I am Ok and at 2.15 Gervase texts to see how I am so I text him back and then go for another lie down until 3.00 when I make a coffee and then watch an episode of "as time goes by"
As Time Goes By 
Oh No Not me
At 4.00 I decide to get todays Journal written, not as exciting as some I have written, but I am getting back into the swing of it, hopefully it is better than yesterday as I was not really up to writing yesterdays, which is why it was so short. Gervase phones at 4.35 to say that he has been up in London with work today and he is just getting to Waterloo Station and he is freezing cold walking by the Thame,s, but he will be dropping in to see me on the way home from the station as long as there are no hold ups with the trains. I normally go down to Gervase and Leanne,s on a Tuesday evening for a couple of hours but do not really feel up to it tonight, need to stay in in the warm not going out into the cold. anyway feeling a lot brighter this evening so I have decided that I will try a small dinner of Roast Chicken and mashed Potato tonight with a little gravy, and see how I get on with that. so I have got the chicken joint in the oven and it will be ready for 6.15 so I will get this journal finished and Posted and say Bye Bye with a cheery wave until tomorrow.

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