Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hooray, Escape from the house today.

Well here we are again another very wet day. and there are only 5 more days to Christmas.
Morning Coffee
Well listening to the weather on the radio this morning it appears that it has been raining hard all night long and it looks like it is going to continue for much of the day. The reports coming in over the Radio solent news weather watch there has been wide spread flooding throughout Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of wight. and at 8.00 am this morning there was an alert of the river Wallington in Fareham, (which is just outside Portsmouth and where I was born) anyway I had a decent sleep last night and woke at 7.15 so lazed in bed until 8.00 when I made a coffee and went to the lounge to catch up on the weather news and to wait for Carol my carer to arrive.

The news is not good on the weather front so far there are so many areas and homes around portsmouth being flooded and the residents of wallington have been advised to evacuate their homes as cracks have appeared in the flood wall along the River.
A Flooded road in Wallington

The River Wallington, Fareham

There is also wide spread flooding in the new forest and also in Emsworth which is just to the east of Portsmouth and the environment agency has got 180 flood warnings out and forecast of more heavy and prolonged rain for the south coast for the next 5 days.
Houses flooded in Emsworth

Flooding in Brockenhurst
Getting Ready for Pauline.
Anyway that is enough about the weather, Carol is running late today and does not get to me until 9.20, as they have carers of sick and they have given her extra clients today, so it does not take her long to get me sorted for the day ahead, while carol is here Pauline phones to say she will be round at about 10.30 to take me to the Doctors surgery to see Debbie for my Monthly blood test so that is ok as my appointment is for 10.40 and then after that we have decided that we really do need to get into the city centre to get some shopping done so once Carol has gone I get myself some breakfast and check my emails and facebook, before having a shave and getting dressed for when Pauline gets here.

Well the Postman has just been and delivered the Myositis support group Newsletter number 69. So I will have to read that later on today, I did have a quick glance through it and will look forward to receiving the booking forms for the 2013 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner and conference in Oxford. the forms will be sent out early in the new year.

As Promised Pauline arrives with her car to take me to the Eastney Health centre to give the blood for my Monthly blood test.
Eastney Health Centre.(Stock Photo)
Pauline drops me outside and goes to park the car, as I go to reception I see Debbie in there and she says to go straight in as a couple of her earlier clients had cancelled due to the weather , so that is Ok I go straight in and then pauline finds where I am and comes to the consulting room, it does not take long and then we are back in the car and on the way back home, and although it is still raining it is not as hard as it was earlier. once back home we get the wheelchair ready and then phone for a taxi to take us to the city centre, to get the shopping sorted.
The reason we get a taxi rather than using Pauline,s car is that Neither I or Pauline can lift the wheelchair into the car and the Taxi firm looks after us in that respect and also it is expensive to park in the city so it is so much easier to use a taxi. anyway we get the Taxi to drop us off at the back entrance to Wilkinsons.
Back entrance to Wilkinsons, 
Once in Wilkinsons we have a look around the store and Pauline gets what she wants to get, I get a couple of last minute cards, and also a presents for Misty and Charlie (Pauline and Gordon,s cat and Dog)  we then make our way along to Boots the Chemist to deposit some medications I no longer need and then to the Nationwide Building Society, it is still Raining but there is plenty of shelter under the shop awnings so we do not get to damp.
Nationwide Building Society (Stock Photo)
Once we have finished in the Nationwide we make our way over to the precinct, We have a look in a couple of shop windows and Pauline goes into the card shop and I wait outside (Under Cover) and enjoy the lights and colour of the stalls along the Precinct. I also took 3 Photographs to show how wet but how attractive the stalls look, they are part of the annual German market that comes here every year.

Once Pauline is out of the card shop we make our way into the Cascade shopping centre and go to Boswells and get a coffee each and Pauline has a Sausage roll and I have a toasted tea cake. We then go to the Material shop so Pauline can get some ribbon, and then we make our way to Marks and Spencer to get a few items of grocery,s that we need, It is nice and dry in the cascades so once we have finished we then need to go back outside to the back of boots to get the Taxi home, well once outside thank goodness it has stopped raining so we phone for the taxi and head back home.

Once we are home, we get the shopping put away and have a coffee before Pauline makes her way home n her car, she has taken my laundry with her so "Thank You Pauline" The time is now 3.00 pm so time to make another coffee and settle down with the laptop to get this journal written but first I need to get my daily fix of "Words with Friends" on Facebook LOL.

Well it is now 5.40 and time to get this Journal posted and then it will be time to get dinner, tonight I am cheating and having a M&S Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle that should go down a treat as I have not had Pasta for a long time I know it is not Gluten Free but I just need something Tasty after this last few days and it was so nice to be out of the house for 3/4 hours today so I will get this posted and say Bye Bye until Tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate.

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