Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over for another Year.

Give me the Money.
Yes It is True, Christmas is over for another year, so now we can all get back to normality "Or Can We" When I went round Tesco this morning to get my Paper, I was chatting to the Shop girls clearing the shelf, and apparently The first lot of Easter eggs were delivered to the store on Christmas Eve, and will be going out on the shelf later today. "All Hail the Easter Bunny" The true Meaning of Christmas and Easter has been lost in the Mist of Greed

However Putting that aside I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and safe Christmas and that you spent time with family, Friends and Loved ones and I wish each and every one of you a very happy New Year and hopefully a new year that will bring us closer to a cure for Myositis.

24th December "Christmas Eve"

Gift Tag Attaching
Christmas eve was a very good day I did not do an awful lot as I was late getting out of bed as I enjoyed a nice lie in until about 9.45. I had decided that over christmas I would cancel my carer as I was seeing friends and family most days. so once I was up and about I finished putting the gift tags on the gifts that I had bought for certain people and then spent the morning watching TV and playing around on facebook., At least I only had to put the gift tags on as Pauline had kindly wrapped them for me last week.

After doing all the usual texting etc I had a phone call from Pauline to say that her and Gordon would be round to see me about 1.00 and that they were bringing misty with them and also Gordon would give me a hair cut so That was something to look forward to as the hair was getting a bit out of control. anyway just after 1.00 Pauline, Gordon and Misty arrive with Misty wearing her ribbons and Baubles and bringing me gifts from Her and charlie the cat.
Misty bearing gifts.
anyway While they are here we have a coffee and a chat and I have a nice Bath as Gordon can help me out of the bath, I have had the OK from the landlord to have hand rails fitted on the wall so I will have to get that arranged in the new year, I can manage to get in the bath and to clean myself, it is the getting out that is the Problem. after my bath, gordon gives me a haircut and so I am feeling really great now, like a new man, so here is the premier of the new haircut.
The New Haircut.

Once the hair has been cut, Pauline has a tidy up in the cupboard for me, we have another coffee and then Pauline, Gordon and Misty make there way home. I have a phone call from my son Gervase at about 3.00 to say he has just left work and is on his way home, he had to wait until all his team had left before he could leave so at least the trains are running on time so hopefully he will be home with leanne by 5.00. well that was about it for christmas Eve. I had my dinner at about 5.30 and then settled down to a quiet evening of TV the highlight being the first one of two "Mrs Browns boys" special christmas editions which is on at 10.15 tonight, so looking forward to that.
Mrs Browns Boys 10.15 tonight.

25th December "Christmas Day"

Whooo Hoo and christmas day dawns and I do not know how he did it with no chimney but Santa has been. I had a decent nights sleep last night apart fro  being woken about 1.30 with a terriblr racket going on in the car park at the rear of the flats, At first I thought it may have been the urban foxes or a couple of Drunken students after a christmas eve Party but when I looked out of the window I could see it was some old man very tipsy from too much egg nog bumping around on top of the parked cars in a sleigh and 6 reindeer. He,He, Santa had arrived, so I went back to sleep.
Hello Santa, Drunk Again I see
Anyway Had a bite of breakfast and opened the gifts from Pauline,and Gordon, also a nice gift from Pauline,s sister Fran and the gifts fro Misty Labrador and Charley the cat, I had chocolate from Fran, A nice Bedside lamp from Pauline and Gordon, and a box of Fruit Jellies, a cat egg timer and a little fluffy toy labrador from the animals. I then settled to watch TV, before Booking a Taxi and getting ready to go down to Elaine,s for Christmas dinner and the afternoon with Gervase, Leanne, leanne,s mum Elaine and Leanne,s dad Dave. 

Well the afternoon and evening as usual went by too quickly, and as usual I ate too much, I know what I should and should not eat and also what amounts but lets face it it is christmas and I can sit and suffer in peace tomorrow And lets face it, Last christmas I had only just come off a puree diet so was limited to what I could and could not swallow so who Knows what next year will bring so what the heck, so I had Turkey, Pigs in blankets, Cauliflower, Sprouts, Broccoli, Roast Parsnips, Roast Potatoes, Swede and carrot mash, Stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy, and I ate the lot,
A Christmas Dinner
lots of Christmas Gifts.
Once we had eaten our fill we retired to the lounge to hand out and open gifts, again I was spoilt I had a nice box of Chocolates from Dave, A box of Chocolates, a Scarf and a box of assorted Biscuits from Elaine, and from Gervase and Leanne, I got a very Nice Organiser, A box set of Shampoo etc, A Mrs Browns boys DVD, a very nice book, and a little note book. so it was a very good christmas day, we waited until 6.00 pm before we could manage desert, then watched Emmerdale until 7.30 when dave gave me a lift home.

Gordon has sent me a Picture of Misty with all her presents and also one of Charley opening hers.
Here is Misty.

And here is Charlie

Well that was an excellent day and I am home Happy that I have spent the day with Gervase and Leanne, but very Full and Tired, so should sleep well tonight but not before watching episode 1 of series 5 of "Downton Abbey" it is on for two hours at 8.45 on ITV1.
Downton Abbey, episode 1 series 5
As Usual it was brilliant but I missed the royal family christmas special on BBC1 so will have to watch that later on iplayer. so after a very enjoyable it is now 11.15 and so to bed.

26th December "Boxing Day" 
A Morning lie in
And so we are now back up to date with the Daily journal with this 3 in one Edition. Today is boxing day and the digestive system is feeling the effects of yesterdays over indulgence. I slept well last night from about midnight right through until about 8.15 this morning. anyway no carer so a lie until 9.15. hope I remember tomorrow that I have the carer coming at about 8.45 so need to be up for her. anyway so only a light breakfast this morning.

Well once breakfast was over I send the text to Pauline as per usual and then decide to go and get my morning paper round at the Tesco express. Well that was certainly an eye opener today, I went into tesco and as usual have a bit of a chat and banter with the Shop assistants in there and there were a couple clearing some shelves so I said got lots of christmas sale stock to sell then and they said no We had our first delivery of Easter eggs on Christmas eve and they will be put out on the shelves later today " Unbelievable".

Walking the dog
Well so much for that so got my paper, bananas and Milk and made my way back home. Once indoors I make a coffee and then have a banana and settle down for a day of relaxation and TV, certainly ate to much yesterday and suffering for it today anyhow, Pauline phones to say that all is OK with them, Gordon has taken misty out for her morning walk so I then settle down to check out Facebook and answer all the messages and catch up on "Words with Friends" also check out the emails I then put away the christmas gifts and then settle down in front of the TV.

So what to watch on the TV well the first film to watch is on BBC 1 at 10.25 it is the Disney/Pixar Animated movie from 2006 "Cars"
Cars 2006

and this is followed at 12.40 by Mr Stink a film made from the books written by David Walliams.
Mr Stink 

After that film I get some chicken soup before the animated Film" Happy feet" from 2006 which starts on BBC1 at 1.40 after Mr Stink.
Happy Feet 2006

And following that is a fantasy comedy "Enchanted"made in 2007 and staring Amy Adams starting at 3.20
Enchanted 2007

And that folks brings me up to where we are now at 4.30. so tonight,s dinner will be chicken in a white sauce with Broccoli, Sprouts and Potato and probably followed by a yoghurt and I will have that at about 6.00 and then I will probably spend the evening playing around with the family history research online with frequent detours to face book and the TV and then tomorrow it is back to the normal regime of Shopping down Town with Pauline so I will now get this daily journal posted and say cheerio  until tomorrow 

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