Sunday, December 16, 2012

Its only 9 days to Christmas.

And here we are with only 9 days to Christmas, and the weather still cannot make up its mind what to do, It started off quite dry and Mild this morning after a night of wind and rain, and this afternoon the rain came back with some very heavy showers.
A Good Nights Sleep
 Well it was quite a decent nights sleep last night, I did not get to bed until about 11.30 last night as i got carried away watching a Christmas movie that I had recorded on Friday, anyhow slept through until 8.15 this morning and then lazed in bed with a coffee until 9.00 as I do not have a carer on Sundays. Once I had managed to drag myself out of bed I got dressed and then took a coffee into the lounge to gave some breakfast and listen to Radio Solent, while I sent a text to Pauline to let her know that I was awake and up and that all was OK.

Reading the Newspaper
Once I have sent the text to Pauline I decide to go round and get my Morning Paper while the weather is still dry as there seems to be some dark clouds forming although hopefully they are to the north of Portsmouth and will stay there, anyway it is a pleasant morning so I decide to deliver the  christmas cards to the neighbours at the same time. Once I have my paper from the shop I head back home to settle down with a coffee and to get the  crossword done.

On the phone to Pauline
Anyway when I get back home I notice that there is a message on the answering machine, While I was out getting the paper Pauline phoned to say that she had got my text and that she would phone later as I was probably out getting the paper, so I phone her and she and Gordon are just having a coffee and then they are taking Misty and going down to the shops in Palmerston road. so Once I have spoken to Pauline I check my emails and Facebook and then catch up on my "Words with Friends" games before I get a phone call from Gervase to say he will be round at about 1.30 to 2.00 and we will go shopping and also get my TV connected up to the internet, as I got the Ethernet cable yesterday from B&Q.

Well it is now 12.30 so I decide to have a small bowl of soup for lunch today as I did not have breakfast until late so have some chicken soup which goes down very nicely and then I have a shave and get ready for when Gervase arrives, once that is done I settle down to watch country file on the TV while waiting for Gervase when the Phone rings, It is Pauline to say that they are walking back from Palmerston road and that there is a big Pile up in Kent Road, I thought that it was a car accident but as it turns out they are pulling my leg and the Pile up is that misty did a big Pile on the pavement and they have had to Bag it up to put in the bin, I could not stop laughing they certainly got me going there.
The Pile up in Kent Road
Anyway Gervase arrives at 1.50 and as we are a little later today we decide that we will go down Asda at Fratton as I have not got a lot to get, as it turns out gervase gets more than I do anyway once we have the shopping we drive back along the seafront and albert Road, It has started with heavy rain showers and there is also a hight tide today and the first Photograph shows a view from Southsea Promenade looking across the Solent towards the Isle of white with some storm clouds gathering and showing all the shingle washed up onto the promenade and the road by the high winds and High tide. The second photograph shows a very deserted Albert Road in Southsea after a Rain downpour.
A stormy solent looking to the isle of wight.

A Deserted Albert Road
Once we are back home we get my little bit of shopping put away and then gervase sets up my TV to the internet so now I can get Netflix, YouTube, The Internet and other bits and pieces on the TV. A Long way from our first TV in the 1950,s a black and white 14 inch TV with only 1 channel BBC.
The New TV all set up
well that is about it then folks, as interesting as Sundays get I in my house I'm afraid, not a very exciting day but a good day, however it is now 6.00 and I am watching the Da Vinci Code which does not finish until 8.00 so a late dinner today, so I will get this Journal finished and Posted and then enjoy the rest of the movie, so until tomorrow I will say Good bye.

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