Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Chilly Thursday.

well here we are again, and today it is another shopping trip to Morrisons, Not sure what will happen with the shopping next week as I have a feeling that it will be very crowded down the city centre and the big shops next week so will probably end up going to Palmerston road in Southsea which will hopefully be a bit quieter, have not been shopping there for a while so it will make a change.

Palmerston Road shopping Precinct, Southsea
anyway the time is passing by and there are now only 12 days left to get everything done for christmas, "Time waits for no man" or woman , Child, Cat, dog or even Drummers.

Wakey Wakey
However back to todays Journal, It was not a bad nights sleep last night but was awake earlier today, woke about 6.30 although I was in bed by 10.15 last night so can't complain. anyway went and made a coffee and took back to bed and lazed in bed listening to the radio until 8.00 when I made my way (with another coffee) into the lounge.

A Care Worker.
Once I am settled in the lounge I get the laptop fired up and check out my emails and also Facebook, I have just discovered that if I reply to all the emails from Wells Fargo, HSBC, Some solicitor in India and various other people that are holding money for me that I could be several million dollars richer, but being the nice person that I am I will ignore them and hope they can use it themselves to have a happy christmas. well the news is pretty boring and the weather forecast even more so, so I am pleased when Carol my carer arrives.

Todays Breakfast
It does not take carol long to get my face and Neck washed and comb my hair ready rot the day ahead, I am glad that I am getting the mobility back in my arms/shoulders but it is just that reaching up high enough to wash the upper half of my face and reaching round to the back of my neck that is still the problem, but we live in hope, at least I can now manage to shave myself and clean my teeth so step by step we are getting there it is just taking such a long time, anyway once carol has finished she is off to her next client and I text pauline and then get some breakfast of Gluten Free Cornflakes and a banana.

once I have finished breakfast I go and wash up and then Pauline rings to say that she is out on the common with Misty and the local council gardeners are out planting new young trees on the common, replacing the ones that were lost to the Dutch Elm Disease or lost in storms a few years ago, Misty seems to like exploring where they are digging to plant them  anyway at least there is no frost around this morning. Pauline says that she will be booking a taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me to go shopping down Morrisons. so I settle to watch "Heir Hunters" on the TV until it is time to get ready for when Pauline gets here.

Planting trees on the Common
Planting trees with Help from Misty 

Get ready for Pauline
Heir Hunters finishes at 10.00 so I check face book again and play a couple of games of words with friends and then at 10.30 it is time to get a shave, brush my teeth and get dressed ready for when Pauline gets here. Pauline gets her about 11.10 so we get the wheelchair loaded into the taxi and then we are off down to morrisons to get some food shopping among other things.  Once in Morrisons we make our way around and get the food shopping and then go and store the trolley in the lock up cubby holes while we go and get some Lunch, Pauline has a Sandwich and a mince pie and I have my usual Stilton and Broccoli soup and we both have a nice Latte Coffee

Time to Pay.
Once lunch is over we then collect the shopping and go back in store and I purchase some Christmas Presents so now i have all present got apart fro one so job done and roll on Christmas, just a few cards to write out for friends and family in Portsmouth and then I am all ready. Pauline has taking the presents home to wrap for me so that is appreciated so it is now time to get t the checkout and pay for our purchases and hand over the Money "Bah Humbug."

Perhaps Misty could help
with the journal ?
Once we have paid for everything we are outside and phoning for the taxi to take us back home. When you think we left home about 11.15 and it is now about 2.00 that is a long time in 1 store still we did well and had lunch so back home now, shopping put away and coffee made. Pauline and I put the washing away that she brought back to me this morning all my shirts nicely ironed and then Pauline makes her way home while I make another coffee and settle down to get todays Journal written, it is now 540 and I need to get this finished and Posted to my blog, Gervase phoned at 4.30 to say he will be coming in to see me on the way home from work tonight so it will be nice to see him and have a chat. so I will get this posted so until tomorrow I will say.................

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