Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas is closing in only 17 days to go.

Well here we are on another Saturday. It was not a god nights sleep last night, I did not get off to sleep that early as Marion next door was having a party which went on until the early hours, not that I minded as she is a nice lady and she had the decency to let me know a couple of weeks beforehand and said to let her know if it was to loud, but It was not that loud and I liked listening to the music anyway. The Gluten free diet went well yesterday so hopefully it will go as well today, the only problem I will have is devising how to make a cheese sauce to go with my salmon tonight, at least it will get the old brain cells working

"A Special Mention"

Pauline and Gordon have gone down to Weymouth this weekend to see a friend of Gordon's who has moved down to Weymouth from Scotland, I think the Lady in Question tried to keep it secret but somehow " Gordon the Haggis" found Out LOL.
anyway Pauline sent me a photo of gordon all dressed up in his best clothes last night.

A Dedicated follower of fashion
Now that is what I call Smart LOLOLOLOLO.

anyway I said to Gordon,s friend "its a braw bricht moonlicht nicht oot" , "ye gang oot the nicht  

I will not repeat her Reply,anyway to celebrate Pauline and Gordon,s visit to Weymouth 
I composed a little ditty.

We had a little Haggis
It sat upon our lap
It made us feel at home you see
Because we left behind the cat.

I wonder if a haggis is gluten free anyway enough of this frivolity it is just being very juvenile on my part to be writing stuff like this on such a professional daily journal so I will stop this at this point so just to show that I can be mature I will leave just one very professional picture.

So now we take a step back to reality, Carol the carer arrives at 8.50 and we have a chat and she soon gets me ready for the day ahead, once Carol has made her way to her next client I text Pauline and then I get some 'Gluten free Cornflakes for breakfast. once I have had those I settle down to listen to the radio for 30 minutes before getting dressed and taking a walk round to the Tesco express to get some milk and the daily paper. It is a very nice bright winter morning today as you can see from the view from my Kitchen door taken this morning.
A Nice Sunny Morning today
Anyway once I have my paper I walk around the block in the Sunshine and then back indoors to make a coffee and to read the paper and get the crossword done. While I am doing the crossword I get a Text from Pauline,s Sister Fran to see that all is OK with me so that is nice of her. once I have text Fran back I then make another coffee and go online to check out facebook and my emails. and the time is getting on and it is nearly lunch Time, Gordon Phones from Weymouth to say that they are OK down there and are just off out soon round to the shops. 
Weymouth in the Summer
Todays lunch
Anyway the time is now getting on for 1.00 so before I settle down to an afternoon of movies I will get myself some lunch of Scrambled egg with a couple of Gluten free Crisp bread and then I will settle down to an afternoon of Christmas movies on the Christmas 24 Channel as I am getting the lunch prepared Gervase phones to see that I am OK. he slept well last night after his 2 days up in Leeds and he and Leanne are going out later this afternoon down to Gunwharf quays to see and extended showing of the Jack Nicholson Movie "The Shining" at the art Theatre.

Entertainment at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth
So, Once lunch is over I get the washing up done, make a coffee and settle down to watch the christmas movie "Santa Who ?" Santa Who is a movie made for TV in 2000 staring Leslie Nielsen.
Santa Who ? 2000
Well that was quite a good film, it is now time to get this journal finished and posted to my blog and while I am doing that I will be watching/listening to the next Christmas movie which is "Christmas Song" this is a made for TV Movie 2012 starring Natasha Hendstridge.
Christmas Song 2012
 so there we are here I am watching "Christmas Song" with a nice Coffee and I am now going to get this journal posted and then I have an evening of old movies on the TV and playing around on Facebook "Heaven" so until tomorrow I will say Adios Amigo,s

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