Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Comes, Monday Goes.

Monday comes but once a week, and Christmas once a year,
The Christmas tree is up and lit, and I fancy a Beer.

But it is to early in the day and I don't drink anyway so out of bed and make a coffee and then decide to lie in bed and listen to the radio for an hour as it is only eight O'clock and I do not have a carer on a Monday, so a chance of a lie in. and also to Remember.............

However Once it is 9.00 I get out of bed, get dressed and then make another coffee and into the lounge to catch up on the morning breakfast news on the TV, while I text Pauline to let her know I am up and that all is OK, I then check the emails before getting some weetabix for breakfast.
Customer Advisor

Once I have had breakfast I check out facebook and then need to Phone Southern Electric to check out my gas Supply as it is not showing up correctly online on the website. as Southern Electric supply both my Gas and Electricity but although they sorted out the electric account OK when I moved they have made an error sorting out the gas account. anyway spoke to a very helpful customer advisor and within 30 minutes she had it all sorted and my online account with them is now correct so thank you young lady. Very impressed with the service.

Nice Job Gordon
Once I have sorted things out with Southern Electric Pauline phones to say that she is out on the common with Misty, It is raining lightly but there is a strong wind blowing but at least it is milder today and no frost. Everything is all right with her and Gordon, although they both had a restless night, she also said that gordon would be round at about 11.00 to do a couple of hours cleaning for me.
But to many tea breaks LOL
well that was a busy couple of hours so I get the washing up done from breakfast and then at 11.00 gordon arrives to do some flat cleaning for me. I have been doing a bit of family history research for Gordon, and as I have mentioned Gordon has is own cleaning company and it is a co-incidence that his Great grandfather was a Canteen Cleaner in the Iron Works in Wales at the age of 13 in 1861. anyway Gordon does a couple of hours cleaning plus Tea breaks and Biscuits

well the flat is all spick and span so we have a chat and then Gordon is off back home to Pauline and I decide to have a mini "Cheese and Tomato" Pizza for lunch,  that went down a treat and now it is time to have a lie down for an hour until 2.45 when I have a "Strawberry complan" and then make a start on todays Journal. at least it has stayed mild today with a few showers and sunny spells, but the nights draw in very early and by 3.30 it is time to put the lights on in the room and also on the christmas tree.

However it is now 5.15 and Pointless has just started, so I have to get this journal posted for today and then this evening I will watch pointless, I will be having dinner at 6.30 and then a couple of hours on Family History research before having an early night as Tomorrow will be a busy day down town shopping with Pauline so until tomorrow I will say Good Night.

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