Sunday, December 9, 2012

could not get my new TV today. Bah Humbug

And Welcome to the Sunday Edition one and all.

Snug and warm in Bed
Well here we are then on another Sunday, it is another bright and Sunny day in Portsmouth and as I have no carer today I can have a lie in, got off to sleep about 11.30 last night and slept through until 3.30 when I needed to use the bathroom and then back to sleep until about 8.00 this morning so a nice sleep. anyway lazed in bed with a coffee until 9.30 when I thought that I had better get up and get some breakfast, otherwise I would stay here all day in the snug and warm.

Todays Breakfast, Gluten Free
Once I am up out of bed and dressed I go into the lounge with a coffee and fire up the laptop, ready to check out my emails and Facebook. the heating is on so I get myself some Gluten free Breakfast of Porridge, which goes down a treat and as it is 10.00 am I text Pauline to let her know all is Ok here. I Receive a text fro Pauline,s Sister Fran to make sure all is OK with Me, so that was nice as she has text me twice a day over the weekend as Pauline and Gordon have been down in Weymouth, since Friday visiting friends. I is really appreciated and also Fran,s Husband Colin comes in for a chat normally on a Wednesday when he takes Stewie for his medical appointment  down at the Medical centre in Fratton way.

Time for a Shave
Anyway the time is going past quite fast this morning, by the time I have done the washing up and spent some time on facebook it is 12.30 and gervase phones to say he will be round at about 1.30 to 2.00 to take me shopping, we are going to look at getting a new TV and stand today as well as the food shopping so am looking forward to that, so time to get a shave and get ready for when Gervase gets here. Once I am ready I have a Banana and a coffee as I had a late breakfast and then I watch a bit of TV until Gervase gets here.

Well Gervase arrives at 1.40, I am all ready so grab my coat and stick and off we go, we are going to go to Ocean retail park to have a look in Currys and PC World so first we go to the Morrisons up there to get the food shopping.
Morrisons at Anchorage Park.
Once we have parked the car we go and get the shopping, I walk with a trolley and it does not take long to get the items that we want and then we pay at the tills and go back to the car and then head of to Ocean retail park to get a couple of Items from Halford,s and also to hopefully get me a new TV. Once we reach Ocean Park we o into Halford,s and get Gervase the Engine Oil that is for his car, he does not need it but it is best to have some anyway we also get a foot pump as well so that he has everything he requires for basic maintenance checks.
Halford,s at Ocean Retail Park.
32 inch Samsung smart TV
We then go into Currys which is next door to Halford,s to look at a new TV for me. At the moment I have a 21 inch wide screen but find that in this flat because the room is bigger than my old lounge I need a larger screen size so I am going to get a 32 inch Wide screen. I did think about a 40 inch but I feel that would probably be to big, so I am going for a Samsung 32 inch Smart TV and a new TV stand as well. anyway I decide which TV and Stand I want, Gervase goes off to find a sales assistant so we can Purchase them, and I find a x]chair to sit down as the legs are starting to ache now, and buying the TV and stand, we left the wheelchair at home otherwise there would not have been enough room in the car,  but Guess what, Yep! The TV is out of stock Oh well never mind, we will look in PC World.
Currys, Ocean Retail Park.
  So we have a look in PC World but they have not got a awful lot in the way of TV here, had a quick peep at the new Macbook pro,s with the retina displays but to expensive for me so my old 3 year old laptop will have to last me a bit longer, disappointed we could not get the TV or stand as gervase could have set it up for me, Oh well will have a look when we get home and see if I can get one on line.

PC World, Ocean Retail Park.

This was me in the 1950,s.
not anymore LOL
So it is back to the car and head of Home. Once indoors we get the shopping put away and then gervase has to go round to waitrose to get something for leanne and then comes back for 10 minutes, I have gone on line and I have ordered the same TV online from argos and also a stand for delivery before Christmas so that is Ok. Gervase heads of home and I go on to face book before getting this Journal started, trouble is to much walking today so the legs are very achey this evening so I will not be doing much tonight but then again thinking about it I never Do LOL.

Well that is the journal finished, it is now 6.15 and dinner is on cooking, roast chicken tonight with Organic Vegetable and a home made Gluten free gravy, so am looking forward to that, it should be ready by 6.40 so I will get this Posted so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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