Thursday, December 27, 2012

And back to Normality today

another stormy day
And here we are after the manic few days leading up to and over christmas we now settle back into some kind of normality. The weather is still not settled yet and I woke at 6.30 this morning to torrential rain rattling the bedroom window and you could here the Thunder in the Distance rumbling around and the wind was getting very strong to.

Torrential Rain
Well I lazed in bed until 8.00 when it was time to get up and make a coffee and then into the lounge to wait for Carol my carer to come, I have got used to having lie in,s over the holidays but now back to reality again today, Anyway once in the lounge I put on the radio and listen to the local news and weather while firing up the laptop and checking out my emails and facebook The news is still focused on the floods here in the south of the UK and that there are still over 100 Flood Warnings in Force across the Country and over 150  amber warnings for heavy rain and gale force winds.

Carol my Carer
However at 8.50 Carol my carer arrives and she is glad that Christmas is over as she has worked everyday over Christmas due to the fact that all the young carers won,t work anyway she is only working up until friday afternoon and is then off until after new years day, and I don't blame her, it seems to be like most company,s, if you are good at your job and are willing to help out then they tend to take advantage of you, Anyhow Carol soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way to her next client and I get some breakfast and text Pauline to let her know all is done and dusted.

Go Misty Go
at about 9.45 Pauline phones to say that she will be booking a taxi for 11.15 to come and collect me and we can go down town and get some shopping, neither of us need to get a lot today but I need to go in the building society and also into argos to see if I can get a couple of lamps for my lounge. anyway I do not know if Pauline has taken Misty out yet but I hope she puts on her wet weather clothes as there are heavy showers forecast for this morning although Misty does not mind the rain.

Anyway I watch a bit of TV until 10,45 and then go and get shaved and get dressed ready for when Pauline comes with the Taxi,  True to form Pauline arrives just after 11.25 and while the driver gets the wheelchair into the car, I take my clean laundry in that Pauline has brought back with her for me, once that is all done we are in the taxi and off down to town to get a few bits and pieces, I just hope it is not to crowded down town today.
The Taxi drops us off at the back of Boots and I decide to walk pushing the wheelchair today as I need to try and walk for at least 30 minutes a day outside of the house. So we first of all go to the Building Society and then into Boots the chemist as I need to get some Chocolate Complan.
Once we have that we then decide that we would go into Tesco to get the shopping that we need before going up to Greggs for a coffee and a sausage roll. so that seems like a plan to me, I am surprised that it is very quiet in town today, nowhere near as busy as I thought it would be, so it does not take us long to get the bits we need and then we make our way up to greggs for a sit down and a coffee and a snack.
Greggs Bakery and snack bar
My New lamp.
Once we have had our snack we make our way over to Argos to see if I can get the two Floor lamps for my lounge. I got £50.00 of Gift Vouchers for buying my TV and stand online from Argos, and the lamps I want are 25% of in the sale and are now selling at £29.99 each so I can put the vouchers towards those, well we go into argos and purchase the two lamps, and we have to buy the bulbs extra but I am well pleased so We Phone gordon who is going to come down and collect us at the Back entrance to the store so that is everything done and Dusted, Gordon arrives with His Jaguar Car and we get everything loaded in to the car and the Wheelchair into the boot and then we are off home.

Once we are home I make us all a coffee and gordon gets the lamps up for me and I think they suit the room very nicely, It is certainly a lot easier on my eyes than the ceiling lights that I found very Bright, this is a lot more subdued lighting.
Here is one of the new lamps in Place.
Well that was a productive day so now once we have finished our coffee,s and had a chat Pauline and gordon make their way home and I settle down with another coffee and check out facebook and then start to watch the film " Beethoven" on the TV while I start to get this journal written
Writing the Daily Journal
So that is about it for today, so all that is left is to get this journal posted and as it is now 6.00 I will get my dinner started, I am having Salmon with Mashed Potato and Cauliflower cheese tonight and then an evening of TV until the dreaded Friday and the Methotrexate, so until tomorrow I will say Good bye.

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