Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Thursday Shop.

And so the countdown continues...............................

Morning Coffee
It was another decent nights sleep last night. went to bed about 10.30 listened to the quiz on Radio solent until about 11.15 then Turned off the Radio and was asleep very quickly, woke once during the night about 2.45 and then back to sleep until 7.15 so pleased with that. lazed in bed with a coffee until 8.18 when I made another coffee and into the lounge to watch the breakfast news and await Carol my Carer.

Breakfast Today
Carol my carer arrives as usual at about 8.45 and soon has me sorted ready for the day ahead which is going to be a busy one down town with Pauline shopping and looking for Gluten Free Items for my Trial Gluten free diet month. anyway once Carol has gone I text Pauline and then go and boil a couple of eggs for breakfast.

Check out facebook.
I enjoyed the boiled eggs, they went down a treat, once I have finished breakfast it is 9.45 and Pauline phones to say she is booking a Taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me  to go shopping down at the city centre. Once I have done the washing up from breakfast I have a shave and get dressed and then while I am waiting for Pauline I go on the laptop to check out Facebook and to check the emails, at 11.10 Pauline arrives with the taxi and once we have the wheelchair loaded we are off to the city centre.

We get the taxi to drop us off in Paradise street behind boots the chemist as I need to go into boots and get my Prescription made up at the pharmacy

Boots the Chemist
Once we have been in boots we make our way to the Nationwide Building Society which is just down the way from Boots,
Nationwide is at the far end of this parade of shops
so we get what we need to get sorted in the Nationwide and then I go into Holland and Barrett to get a packet of Gluten free Biscuits and a couple of bars of Gluten free Chocolate, they have not got a very good range of Gluten free items here really so we will look in Tesco in a few minutes to see what they have.
Gluten Free Biscuits and Chocolate from Holland and Barrett.
Once we are out of Holland and Barrett we head back to the Tesco store which is in Paradise street where the Taxi dropped us off when we got here.
Tesco Supermarket.
Once in tesco we start to get the shopping that we want, we have not got to get a lot just fresh Vegetable and some fish and Chicken and a stew pack as I will be making my own soups for lunch with fresh ingredients, we find the "Free From " Aisle and they have a decent selection of Gluten free items so I get some Porridge for Breakfasts also Crisp bread and stock cubes and bouillon so that will do me for today.
Gluten Free Porridge

Gluten Free Crispbread

Gluten free stock cubes and Bouillon.
Once we have got what we want we then go into the Tesco Cafe and Get a couple of coffee,s and Pauline has a ham and cheese Panini, and I have a bowl of Vegetable soup, after that we pay for our groceries and get a taxi back home.

Once home we get the shopping put away and then have a coffee before Pauline makes her way home and I settle down with the laptop to get today daily journal written, It was a good day out shopping today at least I can get some Gluten free items and also will see on Sunday what morrisons do,

Anyway it is 5.30 now so time to get this posted and to say Bye Bye until tomorrow.

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