Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another dreary day.

What is happening to our Summer this year, I think it is passing us by, It is another wet, windy and dreary day here on the south coast of the UK. I have downloaded the picture from the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour at 8.06 today.
Portsmouth at 8.06 this Morning.
Morning coffee
Well I did not have a bad nights sleep last night, I went to bed a little later than I planned to, at about 10.45 and slept through until about 6.00 am. Got up at 7.00 and made the Obligatory Coffee and went to watch the depressing news on the TV. all we seem to get these days is the stupid ideas that are being dreamed up by the coalition government.

The latest Brainwave is that people with Savings would invest in Government bonds to fund the building of toll roads, New buildings, railways, etc so that the government would not have to borrow the money elsewhere ?. It was mentioned that there are a lot of Pensioners with Savings in the UK. ????. I give up trying to work out what planet David Cameron is living on.                                                 
          ⬇    ➔   ➔    ➔     ➔    ➔    ➔    ➔     ➔     ➔     ➔     ➔     ➔

Jo the carer turns up a little bit later this morning at 8.45, she has a couple of extra people to see to day so she is a little bit rushed, anyway she gets me washed and groomed and then is on her way I then go and get myself some breakfast. Having a bit of a change this morning I am having a pack of "Belvita Fruit and fibre" Breakfast biscuits with a Banana and a Yoghurt.

Once breakfast is over I text Pauline to let her know all is Ok then settle down with the computer to check facebook and also go through my emails and then at 10.00 I make a coffee and settle down to watch " Time goes by" and " Keeping up appearances" on the Gold channel. these are old sitcoms and were my favourites in the early 1990,s.
As Time goes by 1991

Keeping up appearances 1992
These finish at 1.40 when I will do some family history research until lunch at 1.00 pm.
Just the weather for Duck,s
At 1.00 pm I get some Sardines for Lunch with a cup of tea and a couple of crisp bread. The weather is still very wet outside, so glad I am indoors in the warm, the trouble is being stuck indoors is OK when the weathers nice as I can sit in the back room with the door open, but in this wet weather it gets you down a bit so feeling very "Lethargic" today, I will be glad when my system gets used to this latest round of Prednisolone tapering.

Gordon and Pauline
At about 1.45  I get a text from Pauline to "Put the kettle on" as She and Gordon are on the way round to see me. They arrive about 1.55 and they also have "young Charlie" with them. Charlie is the son of friends "Mark and Ali" who live in Salisbury and he is down with Gordon And Pauline for the week.

They stay for an hour and make their way back home at 3.00 It was nice to see them and I enjoyed there company. Anyway I now need to get this Journal Written and posted so before then I will just check to see how the Olympic Torch Relay is Going. It is the last day it is in Northern Ireland and today it is day 20.
In the Rain at Templepatrick
School children line the street of Moorfields
 At least the weather has not dampened the enthusiasm of the school children as they greet the Olympic Relay Runners as they pass through Templepatrick. The final stop today is at Moorfields, from there it goes to larne Harbour and then across to Stranraer in Scotland, where it starts tomorrows leg of the relay.

That is about it for today then Folks, looking out of the window, it looks like the weather may be starting to clear a little for the evening but it sounds as though the wind is starting to build and gust a bit more now, anyway I will add todays "Day in History" for you and then I will post this on my blog. so until tomorrow and I hoe a brighter day I will say Cheerio and have a good Day/Evening.

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