Friday, June 29, 2012

The Taper Continues.

♬♬♬♬ What a difference a day makes ♬♬♬♬
♬♬♬♬ Twenty four little hours ♬♬♬♬

It certainly does make a difference, yesterday we had a sunny day with temperatures up to 25 C. Today we have Rain, Winds, and temperatures about 16 C. the weather is really playing games with us this year, I blame it on the "Banks".

Portsmouth at 10.00 am Today
I will say though we have got away lightly on the South Coast compared to other areas of the UK, 

Well thats my moan over for the day: I had a decent nights sleep last night and apart from waking at 2.30 for the bathroom I slept right through from 11.00 to 7.15. Got up at 8.00 made a coffee and then into the lounge to to wait for Jo to arrive. Jo arrives at 8.30 and soon has me washed and groomed and ready for the day ahead and is then on her way. I text Pauline and then get some porridge for breakfast and then take the 15 mg of Methotrexate but today I take "NO" Prednisolone as from today I only take 15 mg of Prednisolone on Alternate days, so hope that goes OK, will know within a day or two if I am going to have any reaction to the tapering down. 

Another Egg for
Frankie,s Omelette
Pauline Phones me back about 9.40 to say they had a decent trip to Salisbury and it is also raining there as well so that is about it for excitement so far today. I settle down to watch a couple of episodes of Little house on the prairie and then spend a couple of hours on the laptop with Family History Research and Facebook and then at 12.45 I make a nice quick Cheese omelette for lunch. I have a microwave omelette maker so it only takes 2 minutes and no mess. Just what I like on Fridays "Simplicity"

Well I enjoyed lunch so now for a lie down before I start to finnish the Daily Journal and get it Posted on my Blog.  The time now is 2.30 and the sun has eventually made an appearance, anyway not been doing much today apart from resting so will now check out the Olympic Torch Relay and see how that is progressing. It is Day 42 today and the torch is going from Nottingham to Derby. The first photograph shows the Torch starting its Journey today from Nottingham Castle.
Starting the day at Nottingham Castle
The weather is very hit and miss today along the route, with sunshine, cloudy skies and the occasional shower, but once the torch reaches Bolsover, John Kirkham has to run through a shower of confetti. 
Confetti at Bolsover
 So that is about it for today. I am going to end today with the "Day in History" from 1861 and wish you all a fond tatty bye until tomorrow as I have no energy today is my Zero Prednisolone day.

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