Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The First Viewing Today.

Here we are again and another day dawns bright and early, Todays Journal will be quite a short affair today as I am going to have a busy and tiring day ahead of me as I have two prospective buyers coming to view the house today after lunch. I also need to contact the local council regarding a free collection and disposal of Bulky items ie 3 beds and mattresses that are no longer required as I have a Hospital Profile bed supplied by the NHS.
My adjustable Profile bed 
And as I am moving from a 3 bedroom  house to a 1 bedroom ground floor flat there are an awful lot of items to go. a lot will go to charity shops and some items to Family the rest will go to the recycling site or the local rubbish tip.

Bulky Item Collection
I had a decent nights sleep and was up and had my coffee by 8.00 and then checked e-mails and Facebook before phoning Portsmouth City Council to book my Free Bulky Item Collection. You have to phone at 8.30 on a tuesday as there are only a limited amount of collections and they are normally all taken by 9.30 on a Tuesday. I phone dead on 8.30 and am in a queue for 20 minutes and then speak to a advisor and I have a free collection booked for next Tuesday.

While I am waiting on the phone Jo the carer arrives I tell her to have a cup of tea, and then fill in the book and she can give me a quick wash once I am finished, so that is what she does.

Thank you Pauline.
I text Pauline and she is going to come up about 10.45 and then she will go upstairs and start sorting bits and pieces out and will stay until the two people who are viewing the property have gone. Pauline gets here about 10.55 and we go round to tesco express for a couple of thing and to get a sandwich each for lunchtime, then back home for a coffee and then pauline gets started upstairs.
go Polly go
I Potter around downstairs and at 1.00 we have lunch and then Pauline says that she is going back upstairs to vacuum the  bedrooms before the first viewer arrives at 2.45. The time is now 1.50 so I empty the little waste bins down here and get them outside ready for the normal rubbish collection on Thursday morning as my waste bins are outside in the forecourt. Pauline finishes upstairs and comes down so I make the coffee and we wait for the viewings.

The first Person arrives at 2.40 and also the estate agent, he looks around the house and leaves just as the second person arrives. both persons are builders and they buy to let as this is a prime location for lettings for the university students.
Anyway the estate agent says he will see me tomorrow at 5.30 with another person who is viewing, there is also another new viewer on Saturday morning at 10.00 am. It is strange sitting here while other people are walking around looking at the property so many strange emotions but it is something I need to do as I no longer have need of a 3 bedroom house where I cannot use the upper floor.

So there we go that is about my day, A day of mixed emotions really, but that was the first viewings over so perhaps the rest won't be as bad. so now I must not forget to check on the Olympic Torch Relay. It is day 39 today and the Torch is going from Sheffield to Cleethorpes. The photograph shows the "Cheering Crowd" at Conisbrough Castle, Doncaster.
" Conisbrough Castle, Doncaster"

Well that is about it for me today, I need to have a bit of a rest as it has been more stressful than I thought it would be so I will leave you with Todays "Day in History" for 1793 and will be back with a longer Journal tomorrow. so until then Adios.

"I love Selborne and the Gilbert white Museum"


  1. I didn't see the Olympic torch Frank, as the roads were closed off and I cant walk far ( Bruce was at work ) so I shall enjoy the local News reports at 6pm.
    I have been to Conisborough Castle many times when I was younger. Its about 10 miles from our home.
    Thanks for posting the picture.xx

  2. Hi Christine. I am lucky as on the 15th July the torch arrives in Portsmouth and the Evening event is held on Southsea common which is a 5 minute walk from my son Gervase,s house and also the same distance from Pauline and Gordon,s and on the 16th it starts from "Fratton Park and passes the end of my road on its way from Portsmouth to Brighton.

  3. I KNOW how you are feeling Frankie but as I said you are doing the right thing - it WILL be ok & I'll be there every step of the way. Just think I will have "cushy" time of it... not so much cleaning & tidying etc LOL (might have to find another "old boy") (not on your nellie haha)

    Take care my Friend
    Luv from Gordon,Misty Moo & Charley cat & Bossy Boots (that's me eh?)xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hang in there FRank, I know what you mean sitting quietly while someone pokes around your home in somewhat critical fashion is stressful. I hope it sells fast so you don't have to go thru it too often.
    Can't use a bed and they don't look like the kind you could row across the water, the one you are keeping looks comfy.