Sunday, June 24, 2012

Singing in the Rain

♬♫♪♬♫ I'm Singing in the rain. ♬♫♪♬♫
♬♫♪♬♫ Just Singing in the rain. ♬♫♪♬♫
♬♫♪♬♫ What a Glorious feeling. ♬♫♪♬♫
♬♫♪♬♫ I'm Happy again ♬♫♪♬♫
And if you believe that you will believe anything "

It is not that I have anything against the rain It is just that I wish it would rain somewhere else. We are not supposed to have this weather here in Southsea, Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK  it is supposed to be Sunny, the posters say so. is this a case of "Trade Description" or "not fit for purpose" all the advertising posters say it is Sunny ?

A Restless Night.
Now Enough of this tomfoolery I had a bad night last night, got woken at 5.00 am with the rain beating on the window and the wind whistling down the side of the house and could not get back to sleep properly, just tossed and turned until I got up at 8.00 am, at least by then the rain had stopped, so not a happy chappy today. Anyway make a coffee and take into the lounge to watch the morning news until Jo the carer turns up. She is running late today and does not arrive until 9.15, it does not take her long to get me washed and groomed and then she is on her way.

Misty ready for Walkies
Once Jo has gone on her way I get some Porridge for breakfast and another coffee and then once breakfast is over with, I text Pauline and then get on Facebook to see who is about and also check out my email,s. Pauline phones back to say that everything is ok with them, she did not here the rain but  Gordon heard it during the night and that they were glad that the rain had stopped as they were about to take Misty out for her Morning walk.

Over Bed/Chair Table
Once I have spoken to Pauline I get the breakfast washing up done and then get another coffee and watch the Politic show on TV until Gervase Rings to say he will be bringing my Over Bed/Chair table round today about 12.00 and then we can go down Morrisons to get the shopping. Gervase got me the table for Fathers day and it is the first time he has had chance to bring it down as when he came in on Friday evening he came straight from the Railway Station at Fratton on his way home from Work. so I now have to get a shave and dressed ready for when he arrives as it is 11.15 already.

Gervase arrives about 12.15 and he assembles the table for me and then we are off in the car down to morrisons, it does not take long and we are soon in the car park, Gervase gets the wheelchair out and away we go round the store, I do not have to get much today and we are soon back in the car on the way home via the seafront. the weather is getting brighter now with a lot of White cloud but also some blue sky and sunshine.
Portsmouth at 3.40 this afternoon.
NHS Walk in Centre
Well Gervase unloads the car and then off to get leanne as he has to take her down to the walk in centre at the Guildhall this afternoon as she has a very sore throat, and she wants to get is checked out by a doctor and a prescription if required.  

Pink Salmon.

Meanwhile once Gervase has gone I go and open up a small tin of Salmon to have for lunch with a couple of crispbread and a banana, also a nice cup of tea.
Once I have finished Lunch It is 3.20 so time to think about getting todays Journal finished so I am going to check and see how the Olympic torch relay is going today.
Today is day 37 of the Torch Relay and it is going from Salford to leeds. Todays Photograph is of the torch being carried by Kirsty Howard on the leg between Salford and Moss Side
Kirsty is the only person in the UK and only the second person in the world to be born with her Heart back to front causing the misplacement of her internal organs.
So there we go then folks. that is one brave 16 year old young lady.

That is it for today then folks I will say good bye until tomorrow and leave you with an improving weather forecast and todays " Day in History" for the 24th June 1314. wonder what the weather was like then ?

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